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Finding Real Happiness and Peace in Life

What does it mean to you to be happy and have peace in your life?  Do you ever have those days where you just cannot fine peace and happiness and you struggle with why you can’t.  Also have you ever thought if I purchase this or go do that, that it will bring you happiness in your life.  The center point of all of this is do you involve God and do you seek Him in your happiness and peace?  There is a simple fact in life that if you do not walk with Him or seek Him you cannot find real joy, peace, and happiness in life.  We live in a fallen world that is full of turbulence and adversity that the adversary throws at us every single minute of every single day.

How do you contend with this though?  If you don’t seen God then that turbulence and adversity will swallow you up every day.  I have seen far too many people, some very close to me that were overcome by fears, anxiety, and adversity.  The stark difference came with how people dealt with it.  Some were on their face seeking God others just did not know Him or did not want to know Him or seek Him.  While others still, knew he was there, but did not give up their full being to let Him guide and protect them through those times.

This is the boat I was in after I lost my Dad 4 years ago.  I was saved and baptized many years ago, but I got to a point where I did not walk with God regularly and fully.  After I lost my Dad in a car accident, my was in a tail spin.  I was lost and did not know where to go or turn to.  I prayed some, but never fully gave in to my faith to let God take control.  After a couple of years, I finally started to dive into scripture every single day.  You want to talk about life changing.  The Holy Spirit began to speak to me louder and louder to more I dove into the Word.  With my own spiritual growth and maturity, I began to find that searching for peace and happiness was actually very simple.  All I had to do was truly seek and walk with God.  It’s that simple folks.  I can testify today just how powerful his presence is in my life and in my families as my growth has led all of us closer to Him and each other more than ever before.  The feeling is simply out of the world awesome.

Today I ran across a quote from CS Lewis that says, “God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.”  It’s that simple.  Happiness and peace comes from Him.  It does not exist apart of from God.  Seek God and seek a relationship with Jesus and it is so life changing.  Don’t commit half way like I did for so long.  Doing so did not help me with dealing with my own adversities.  Seek Him fully every day with all you are and let His Spirit overtake your entire being.  Your spirit, soul, and body, your heart, mind, and will.  This is the only way to ever find real happiness, peace, and joy in life and be able to overcome any adversity and uncertainty that gets thrown your way.  He is the answer and the only real answer.


According to His Purpose and Not Ours

Over the last year, I have written a great deal about purpose. Many people to this day striggle with what it is they are here for wonder aimlessly trying to find the answers. Often times, it is related to a career path where we try to find something we are passionate about and gives us fulfillment. The more I wrote, the more I realized that our purpose is much bigger. Our purpose, each one of our purposes, comes from one source…God. The issue we have to contend with is unlocking it. The thing is that it’s right there in front of us already. It is breathed through the Word of God and we just have to take that time to walk with Him and learn it. Yes, God will giveeach of us differing assignments, but it all circles to one single purpose, to honor and glorify God, to worship God, and to Walk with Him, and witness for Him.

Each of use has struggled with this. I most definitely have. Our hearts and minds get in the way and then our direction begins to cloud with worldly distractions. We face problems that we think are too big to handle and even doubt God’s ability to answer and help. There is one truth I know though. God is way bigger than any problem or struggle we face and by living for His purpose we will see that realized always. When I lost my Dad a few years back, I was lost. I struggled and wondered aimlessly for sometime trying to figure out what really mattered. My faith was not a central point as much as I said it was. In essence was not honest about my struggle and continued to wonder if I did have a purpose. God’s purpose was revealed through this struggle though, even though it took a while to see it. The purpose of walking closer with Him and worshipping in prayer and worship.

Two years ago, I recommitted myself to my life missions with my family, when I committed to the Resolution to them. That Resolution hangs as a daily reminder now of where God is leading me. Now in the last year, since starting 4 Pillars, I think God’s next purpose is being realized in working with God through what He gives me and witnessing for Him of just how powerful He is in our lives. So yhis is where I will continue to go. I commit to all of you and before God to continue walking in step with Him daily and to testify to His glory.

We all have our own skills and talents in how we can do this very thing. Please dont’t sit back in life. None of us were meant to be by-standers. Romans 9:11 says that…”God chooses people according to His own purposes.” He is calling on every single of us if we will listen and let His Spirit shine down through us. Let’s answer that call. It’s His purpose and not ours.

Overcoming the Villains of Your Story

One of my daily readings this morning discussed why we see villains in every story out there.  Examples used were Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf, Dorothy and and Wicked Witch of the West, and Frodo and Black Riders.  These are just three examples, but as we all see, there is a villain that is in nearly every story line written and filmed.  The reason is because there are villains in every aspect of our life.  They are everywhere we turn trying to tell us no, trying to destroy who we are, trying to keep us from fulfilling our God given purpose, and so much more.  The reading was a an excerpt from the book Walking the Dead.  One that is on my reading list.

The final line of this reading reads, “You have an enemy. He is trying to steal your freedom, kill your heart, destroy your life.”  Satan and his demons are all over this world and they come disguised in so many different forms.  They infiltrate so much in our lives.  They bring destruction, they whisper and tell us we won’t amount to anything.  They tell us that we cannot come alive through God’s path.  They try to lure us away to the pleasures of this world.  The lusts, the idolatry, and so much more that is always in front of us.  They use people to spew out anger and negativity at us to discourage us from doing anything that Godly and on His path.  Have you ever had those days where you feel you are riding high.  You feel God’s blessings our on you and then all of a sudden things come crashing down.  Something happens that pulls you away, someone says something that infiltrates your soul, or just a feeling of depression, anxiety, and anger comes over you from nowhere.  I certainly have, and there is the evil coming at you.  That is the evil one trying to pull you back to Earth and away from God’s path

So what do we do when we encounter these villains?  How do you battle back?  The answer is simple. Through Jesus Christ.  He is THE Hero of our story.  He is God incarnate and came to this world to defeat sin and death through the shedding of His blood and His Resurrection.  One of my favorite versus in the Bible is John 16:33, which states,” I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

As a fallen creation we are filled with trials and sorrows that come through our lives.  These villains are always upon us and trying to bring us down in every way.  They try to test your faith and strength.  Even Jesus was tested in the Wilderness for 40 days and what a victory He had.  He was and is the ultimate show of strength.  He overcame for us all to open our doorway to God’s Kingdom.  Even as I write this blog today and any other blog I write.  I can always fill the Holy Spirit filling me and inspiring the words I put down.  As I write, however, I can feel the evil tugging at me trying to stop those words from flowing and sharing with you all.

So what can you do knowing that there is evil always there and knowing there is a Hero to turn to?  The answer is simple, give it all up to Christ.  When those trials and tribulations come your way.  When you feel the anger, the sorrow, the bitterness coming through you, turn to Jesus.  As Revelation 12:12 says, “…But terror will come on the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you in great anger, knowing that he has little time.” Pray for the strength that is in you already to come alive to battle.  Ask Christ to take that burden.  He is the answer.  He has already overcome and all we have to do is turn to Him as the hero of this story.  It is all about God.  Turn to him always to fight those spiritual battles that you will face throughout life.  Give it up to Him.