According to His Purpose and Not Ours

Over the last year, I have written a great deal about purpose. Many people to this day striggle with what it is they are here for wonder aimlessly trying to find the answers. Often times, it is related to a career path where we try to find something we are passionate about and gives us fulfillment. The more I wrote, the more I realized that our purpose is much bigger. Our purpose, each one of our purposes, comes from one source…God. The issue we have to contend with is unlocking it. The thing is that it’s right there in front of us already. It is breathed through the Word of God and we just have to take that time to walk with Him and learn it. Yes, God will giveeach of us differing assignments, but it all circles to one single purpose, to honor and glorify God, to worship God, and to Walk with Him, and witness for Him.

Each of use has struggled with this. I most definitely have. Our hearts and minds get in the way and then our direction begins to cloud with worldly distractions. We face problems that we think are too big to handle and even doubt God’s ability to answer and help. There is one truth I know though. God is way bigger than any problem or struggle we face and by living for His purpose we will see that realized always. When I lost my Dad a few years back, I was lost. I struggled and wondered aimlessly for sometime trying to figure out what really mattered. My faith was not a central point as much as I said it was. In essence was not honest about my struggle and continued to wonder if I did have a purpose. God’s purpose was revealed through this struggle though, even though it took a while to see it. The purpose of walking closer with Him and worshipping in prayer and worship.

Two years ago, I recommitted myself to my life missions with my family, when I committed to the Resolution to them. That Resolution hangs as a daily reminder now of where God is leading me. Now in the last year, since starting 4 Pillars, I think God’s next purpose is being realized in working with God through what He gives me and witnessing for Him of just how powerful He is in our lives. So yhis is where I will continue to go. I commit to all of you and before God to continue walking in step with Him daily and to testify to His glory.

We all have our own skills and talents in how we can do this very thing. Please dont’t sit back in life. None of us were meant to be by-standers. Romans 9:11 says that…”God chooses people according to His own purposes.” He is calling on every single of us if we will listen and let His Spirit shine down through us. Let’s answer that call. It’s His purpose and not ours.

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