Going for What’s Yours

Reflecting on yesterday’s post and answering the call to your path, I started thinking of the hesitancy that still surrounds so many us when that call comes.  Out of nowhere this morning, my senior quote from my high school year book came into my mind.  Part of the quote was, “…Stay real; don’t hesitate to go for what’s yours.”  I was 18 when I wrote that little quote and it was something that spoke very loudly to me then and even to this day, it speaks very loudly to me.  At the time it was symbolic of my attitude to marry the love of my life, Amber, who has now been my bride for 15, going on 16 years.  We caught a lot of negatives for our decision, but we knew that this was what we wanted and it was ours to go after.  We have grown together and learned together, which has been phenomenal.

Now I digress.  What does it mean to you to go for what is yours?  Could it be going after that dream job, that dream house, the freedom of working for yourself, or even owning your calling from God?  I think it is really anything.  I’ve quoted Earl Nightingale a few times, but what he says in “The Strangest Secret” is very profound.  He says that we become what we think about.  With that said, if there is something in life that you feel called to go after, then you have the opportunity to set your mind in motion to reach that goal.  You will get challenged for thinking this way, but if you keep your mind on that goal, you will eventually be able to realize that goal.  It may be instant or it may take some time, but you have to be persistent to achieve it.

For each one of us, there comes a time where we feel challenged to reach the goals we have set for ourselves.  Obstacles may come in our way making it more difficult to reach those goals.  When I said “Stay real” in my quote, I meant that you have to stay true to who you are and who God called you to be when those challenges and naysayers come around.  Don’t hesitate.  Own what it is you want to go after and what it is you were called for.  Don’t let anyone tell you that what you are doing is not right or not  worthwhile.  If you feel compelled to that goal, then it is worthwhile and right.  Do not ever let yourself get boxed up into a tiny definition of yourself that people hold for you.  You have the opportunity to define yourself by the actions you take.  You choose to stay complacent or go for what’s yours.  Believe me the naysayers will come.  As I have said before, if people want to challenge your direction, nine times out of ten, you are doing something right.

4 Pillar Living has presented me with a tremendous opportunity to talk to people like you through multiple channels about very parts of life and living.  Everything I write about here are things I believe in wholeheartedly.  This was my opportunity to own what it is I believed and bring that to others in hopes that it helps your life some way.  I knew that I did not want to hesitate to go for what is mine and what I feel is my calling to serve.  Likewise for each of you, don’t hesitate.  If you let that call and those opportunities pass by, then they may be gone forever.  Choose to go for what’s yours and choose to unleash yourself and come alive.

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