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How Do You Define Success?

I have been fairly quite these past couple of weeks.  This is that time of year where my family is constantly on the go.  We have travel baseball, travel softball, and archery.  The schedule for the kids get so hectic from week to week and this weekend, the tournament schedule begins for our two younger ones and our oldest is competing in the state DECA competition with his high school.  Despite all of this, we love every bit of it.  We only have our children with us for so long, and we have made it a point to ensure that we enable them to have every opportunity to pursue their passions.  It is a joy to watch them all doing things they love to do and excel at what they do.

With all of that said, having such a hectic life can be a recipe for tearing at the relationships in the home and in life.  The same holds true for people that get so caught up in the craziness of work and forget about home as well.  Amber and I make it a point to take advantage of those times when we are not on the go to spend with one another and do things as a family to ensure we do not lose touch with each other.  I know we are not the only ones that do, but it is important to point out how significant this can be.  If the busy life causes you to lose sight of the important things in life, especially your family, how in the world can you ever call yourself successful.

As with most blogs I write, there is a key quote that goes along with it.  The quote I found today was great and comes from the late Zig Ziglar.  Mr. Ziglar stated, “I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.”

I know many people that are so steadfastly focused on their work or other busy goings on in life that they forget the focus needed on the home life.  It is all about balance.  This was the reason I call my venture 4 Pillar Living.  There is a balance to every aspect of life that needs our focus and attention, but we cannot get so focused in one area that we neglect other areas.  You can never be truly successful that way.  I believe success is attained when you are able to balance each of these key pillars of life in a way that they begin to compliment one another.

I’ll go back to my original example of the busy schedules of our children.  If Amber and I were strictly all about the kids events and activities and did not take time for another that would hurt our marriage.  We take the time to unwind and spend together.  Even if it is just sitting on the couch together late in the evening after the kids are in bed.  When I am working from the house we make it a point as much as possible to get out and go to lunch together.  That is our time to spend with each other.  Even if I have a busy day with work, I make sure I step away to spend my time with her.  What good am I if I focus on work, work, work and neglect her or even my family.  That is the way to disaster in the home.

These are things I have learned over time.  I stumble at times, but I have learned and work to improve on each of these areas of life.  The same holds true when it comes to my faith.  I can balance my life with work and family, but if I neglect my faith and my walk with God, how can I ever be truly successful.  He created me for purpose, just like the rest of us and if I neglect that, then I cannot be successful.  As Mr. Ziglar said it is a balance of success stories.  You have to be able to find success in each area, in each pillar.  Don’t neglect one over the other.  Find success in each area then you can be successful.

Going for What’s Yours

Reflecting on yesterday’s post and answering the call to your path, I started thinking of the hesitancy that still surrounds so many us when that call comes.  Out of nowhere this morning, my senior quote from my high school year book came into my mind.  Part of the quote was, “…Stay real; don’t hesitate to go for what’s yours.”  I was 18 when I wrote that little quote and it was something that spoke very loudly to me then and even to this day, it speaks very loudly to me.  At the time it was symbolic of my attitude to marry the love of my life, Amber, who has now been my bride for 15, going on 16 years.  We caught a lot of negatives for our decision, but we knew that this was what we wanted and it was ours to go after.  We have grown together and learned together, which has been phenomenal.

Now I digress.  What does it mean to you to go for what is yours?  Could it be going after that dream job, that dream house, the freedom of working for yourself, or even owning your calling from God?  I think it is really anything.  I’ve quoted Earl Nightingale a few times, but what he says in “The Strangest Secret” is very profound.  He says that we become what we think about.  With that said, if there is something in life that you feel called to go after, then you have the opportunity to set your mind in motion to reach that goal.  You will get challenged for thinking this way, but if you keep your mind on that goal, you will eventually be able to realize that goal.  It may be instant or it may take some time, but you have to be persistent to achieve it.

For each one of us, there comes a time where we feel challenged to reach the goals we have set for ourselves.  Obstacles may come in our way making it more difficult to reach those goals.  When I said “Stay real” in my quote, I meant that you have to stay true to who you are and who God called you to be when those challenges and naysayers come around.  Don’t hesitate.  Own what it is you want to go after and what it is you were called for.  Don’t let anyone tell you that what you are doing is not right or not  worthwhile.  If you feel compelled to that goal, then it is worthwhile and right.  Do not ever let yourself get boxed up into a tiny definition of yourself that people hold for you.  You have the opportunity to define yourself by the actions you take.  You choose to stay complacent or go for what’s yours.  Believe me the naysayers will come.  As I have said before, if people want to challenge your direction, nine times out of ten, you are doing something right.

4 Pillar Living has presented me with a tremendous opportunity to talk to people like you through multiple channels about very parts of life and living.  Everything I write about here are things I believe in wholeheartedly.  This was my opportunity to own what it is I believed and bring that to others in hopes that it helps your life some way.  I knew that I did not want to hesitate to go for what is mine and what I feel is my calling to serve.  Likewise for each of you, don’t hesitate.  If you let that call and those opportunities pass by, then they may be gone forever.  Choose to go for what’s yours and choose to unleash yourself and come alive.

Answering the Call

Throughout life we encounter times where we begin to question the path we have taken.  Our jobs may make us miserable, we may have lost someone close to us, or tensions and bickering with family and friends may lead you to shut yourself off from people.  It could be anything in life.  Something negative infiltrates and it takes a toll on the path you continue to make.  These negative circumstances may have dictated you to think that life is more or less pointless and that our choices and decisions are meaningless.  Through my own life, I have had my times where things seemed to not be going as I had planned and even times where I thought it did not matter what kind of effort I put into my life, because it was pointless.

Life takes us on whirlwind journey where our experiences along the way can have a significant impact on the type of person we become.  I firmly believe that God has a calling for each of us.  If we are engaged in Him, then we can begin to hear where He is calling us.  We have to choose whether we, ourselves are drawn in to what He is calling us to do or if we choose to be indifferent.  In a sermon yesterday, the message was that God’s purpose for us all hangs in the balance of whether we are drawn in or indifferent to Him.  Far too many of us are indifferent to this call even if we don’t realize it.  This indifference goes a long way to prevent us from hearing the call to serve and do what it is God called us to do.

Jesus said in John 15:16 “You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name.”  Jesus is telling us that we have been called by Him.  We were not placed here by our own choice, but rather because it was God’s will.  He placed each of us here for a purpose.  Each of us, as His children is called to move down a path that is meant for the purpose of God’s glory.  Psalm 39:7 says “And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you.”  We must learn to place our hope in God as He is the one who will help us find out what our path is meant to be here during our time on Earth.

With this said, we have a significant duty before us.  In order to come alive, we have to choose to answer the call by being drawn in and not being indifferent to the call.  I have been building to this point to answer my call to service of others and helping people learn to unleash themselves through the 4 Pillars of life.  Seeking God’s call for us through our faith is of the utmost importance for all of us.  All of our calls our different.  We are each meant to glorify God in different ways.  Learning to recognize this as God unveils it is very powerful.  My challenge to every one this week and going forward to open yourself to hear the calling that is before you.  Immerse yourself in the Word and in prayer and God will reveal this path to your full purpose.  Doing this will place you on that path to come alive.

I know there may be some hesitancy when you realize that calling.  Especially if it is something that is completely different from what it is you have been used to.  My path to 4 Pillar Living is so different from my years of work and educational experience.  You may also encounter those naysayers that say you are barking up the wrong tree and wasting your time.  Let me tell you something.  There is absolutely nothing wasteful about answering the call, no matter how different it may be.  You will have critics and you will have those moments where it may not seem worthwhile.  That’s when you know you are on the right path.  You are getting push back because the adversary does not want your to succeed.  That’s when it is time to dig in further, remember, Always Forward, and continue that pursuit.  Answer the Call and don’t relent.

The Four Pillars to Come Alive

Ever since I first began this GEN Revolution journey, I have spent much time reflecting on what is it that I was really doing.   What do I want to focus on and what do I really want to bring out to everyone?  I always knew that one day I would be able to pursue my own work avenues.  It has taken some time to figure out what it is I really wanted to do.   Even after developing the idea of GEN revolution, it still took time to figure out what it would turn out to be.  I knew I wanted to help people in some one.  To provide guidance to help them in their work lives and maybe more.  With much prayer and thought, the idea is really beginning to take shape in what I feel I was called to do.  I have known for some time that God has been calling me into service in some way.  I have written many times about this in the past and now here.

The journey of GEN Revolution is coming alive and my mission has really started to unfold.  I was thinking through my mission statement this week and this is what came about,  “Use the abilities God has given me to make a difference in my life and the lives of those I encounter and work with. Motivate and inspire others to stand up for what they believe and never make excuses for unleashing their full God given potential. Create value for people in wanting to live in freedom with intentional purpose and achieve prosperity.”  There is a lot being said behind that statement.  There are so many areas in life that shape who we are and the kind of life we decide to leave.  These are areas of faith, marriage and family, work, and life purpose.  What was made clear to me was that neglecting one of these areas leaves  void in your life.  I will give a quick high-level look here.

Our walk with God and faith in Jesus Christ is a very important aspect of living.  He is the creator of all and placed each one of us here to glorify Him and serve Him, praise Him, and to follow the path He has laid forth.  We need to be able to turn back to God, repent, and continue praising Him for the blessing we have.  Doing so, is building block that carrier over to everything else in life.  Next, is our family and marriages (if you’re married).  One of the biggest issues I see is when married couples begin to disconnect and let little things get in the way of their happiness.  Your love for each other is meant to be unconditional just has God’s love for us is unconditional by the way he sent his son to bear the punishment we deserved for falling short of his grace.  People need to not neglect this area of their lives and also not neglect the time they have with their children.  Work is next and this is big.  It is our means providing for making a living and providing for our families.  Far too often, people settle for work that makes them miserable and they dread getting up in the morning.  I have most definitely been there.  They neglect this area by not pursuing work they love and actually has meaning to them and is profitable.  Finally it is life purpose.  All of these pieces fit into our life purpose and discovering what it is we want to accomplish in life and the kind of life we lead.  This is they way to unleash your full God given potential in life by answering each of these areas.

These four critical pieces will be the foundation of GEN Revolutions focus.  In 2013, you will begin seeing ways that can help you reach each of these areas and unleash your potential.  I will continuing writing each week on each of these areas and I will also begin to offer what will be Revolution Radio, my new podcast that will be launching soon.  Finally, I will be developing and providing a coaching service that will help people reach all of these areas and getting out to speak on the subjects as I can.  This is what I have been called to do  and something I have absolute passion for.  I may not have all the answers, but I most certainly will be able to work with you help you find the answers to your life’s mysteries and unleash your own potential enabling you to come alive.  It’s going to be an awesome journey.  I look forward to be able to serve and help people in their lives.  We can all come alive, nothing is impossible with God on our side.


Never Forget What’s Important

This has been a week of emotion changes. I began the week pumped after a great weekend of networking in Tennessee and then a week filled with brainstorming new ideas including book ideas that will be unfolding soon and nailing down the GEN180 strategy. After all that greatness building up, the week ended with the sadness of Newtown,  CT and the shooting that took place.  My wife and I were in line to pick our kids up from school when he got wind of what had happened. It tore through our hearts and Amber was in tears from the thought of what happened.  Such tragedy with the deaths of so many innocent little children along with the adults that were taken as well.  On top of that, we found out this evening, that one of my son’s former coaches was killed in a car accident today driving home with his son through Texas.  My family and I have been through our share of tragedy and it never gets easy to see.

It is hard to try and stay focused on the good with such sorrow blaring through the news and the evil that the adversary continues to push in our lives. As many people stated over and over, I hope everyone takes the time to hug their children tighter and not forget the importance of the relationships we have in our lives. The time I have with my family is so precious to me and this event shined a bright light for many people on just how precious life is for all and how much we need to not waste the time we do have.

Christmas is coming in 10 days and I know many of you will be spending this time with your loved ones. I would like to stress the importance of looking beyond just Christmas time and make the most of the time you have with you families throughout the entire year. I have always been very intentional about my time with my wife and kids, no matter how busy my work and schooling has become. I am now going to take a step to make them even more of my priority, as they, next to my walk with God, are the most important thing to me.

I know it can be very easy to get bogged down in our work, whether intentional or not. Just never forget what is important in our lives. Hug your spouses and children tighter and maximize your time with them. I have a big focus with where GEN Revolution and GEN180 will be headed next year. Through it all, I will not lose sight of my family. That balance is very important.

Let us all continue to pray for the families and the community in Newtown, CT. Pray that the Lord brings comfort to everyone involved