Time For a New Direction


My life, professionally, has taken many turns over the years.  I have worked hard through the years to make sure I could provide effectively for my growing family and be able to build a career that I could call successful.  I am someone that can be truly called “self-made.”  I have worked my way up from nothing, putting myself through school, and working my tail off to ensure I could make a success out of myself.  I completed my undergraduate and MBA and now I am on the verge of becoming Dr. Richard Clinton.  Wow, that’s crazy to write!  My career has been focused at working in the corporate world and moving up that ladder to success.  Now in reality, there is only so far I can go unless I can WOW my way to the top.

I had to decide; do I want to continue fighting that uphill battle for what some deem to be security in the corporate world, or do I truly become secure in knowing I can build something that is mine?  I have faced the daunting questions and fears several times of losing that stability that comes with corporate work.  While this is only the beginning, I believe I am making a huge leap in developing and defining my own direction as a future leader and entrepreneur.

Get ready world, because I am taking a big leap in life toward using my skills and knowledge in a way that will truly be able to help businesses, leaders, and people.  There is going to be much more to come in the coming months into 2013.  GEN Revolution is going to be my vehicle of research and development to devise tools and models that can be implemented to make the most out of the changing workforce and give people the knowledge and realization that they can make a success out of themselves if they want.  I will also be strategically partnering with many others as we work to leverage our strengths as individuals to give businesses and individuals the right knowledge and tools maximizing the potential of our growing workforce.

There is a daunting future ahead of me with this new venture.  It is a scary step for myself and my family, but one that I plan to make the most of.  My family and my faith are significant drivers for me to make the most out everything I do. Joshua 1:9 and throughout God’s Word we are told to strong and courageous. God says, “The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  I believe this is true and I know He is guiding me down a mighty path.  I have be strong and courageous enough to take that leap and that’s what I will do.

GEN Revolution is on the way! Much more to come…

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