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The Central Point of Any Marriage

For those of you married out there, how many of you have had your marriage tested by worldly things (temptations, worries, anxieties, frustrations, etc)?  If you said you haven’t, then you may want to rethink that.  I believe every marriage can be tested at any point and is tested often.  This goes for people of faith and without faith.  As well know full well, the divorce rate in the United States is ridiculously high.  Why?  Because people lose site of where the strength of their marriage draw and the fail to turn to the one true source of everything when things get difficult.  They easily fall to temptations or they anger easily and snap at their spouses or continually worry about things in this world that quite frankly have no significance in your eternity.

Now, I’m not a marriage counselor, but having been married nearly 17 years and counting with the love of life, I know full well that every marriage can get tested, even mine.  The enemy is in always in this world and will try many tactics to try to tear into the covenant you’ve made with you spouse before God.  As you grow in faith, you can start to see this peak out its ugly head more often than you may expect and in the most simple ways.  It can cause you to lose site of your faith and in turn strain the strength of your marriage if you let it.

We are all called to glorify God in all we do.  This also applies to our marriage.  The bond your marriage is meant to reflect the image of God through the man and woman.  If you hold tight to one another, you glorify Him more.  Keeping Him first make it easier to brush aside the worldly struggles and temptations that can get thrown your way.  Paul said in Ephesians 5:31-32, “As the Scriptures say, “A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” This is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one.”  You are meant to reflect that relations of Christ and the church in your marriage.  Don’t let things that are not significant get in the way.

You may be wondering why I make it sound so simple.  You see, it is that simple.  Keep God first in your marriage and you will glorify Him and make it easier to stand-up to the world of sin.  Pray together and pray for each other.  This will strengthen you both that much more in your daily lives and struggles.  It will make your marriage stronger and healthier and better capable to stand before anything and push away anything the adversary throws your way.  You will be able to manage through adversity together that much better.  Keep God at the center of your Marriage, always.  This is a life lesson I’ve slowly learned over the years and it so real.

Valentines Day!

So another Valentines Day is upon us.  I kept joking with Amber yesterday that today is such a pressure filled day.  We walked into the grocery store and just like with any holiday, the entrance is plastered with all the flowers, candy, and everything else to go with the day.  But, what is this day really all about.  I was listening to a radio show earlier in the week where people were calling in talking about their disdain for Valentines Day and how they will not celebrate.  This was mostly women at that.  In some way in surprised me, but in some way it didn’t.  Many people have become so disenchanted with the day and don’t care for it.  I see this day a tremendous opportunity for many couples.  It can be day for reconciliation or to rekindle that spark in their marriage that may have been lost after so many years together.

As for me and my wife, it is just another day to express how much she means to me and how thankful I am that she is my bride.  I take the opportunity every day to tell her that I love her and I most certainly mean.  Without her, I would be lost.  She has been by my side through everything we have gone through in life and supported me through everything and I am so blessed and thankful that the Lord has brought her to me and we have had so many years together.  Everyday we are together, I grow to love her more and more.  I love spending my days with her when I get to work from my house and then just hanging out in the evenings.  She is every part of me that is good.

With all of that said, Happy Valentines Day to everyone, but especially for my beautiful wife, Amber.  You are my life, my love, and my best friend and I thank God for every day we have to spend together!


The Impact of Relationships

As we make our walk through life, we encounter so many different people that can have an impact on you and your own life in some way.  It could be with people you grew-up with, people in your church community, work colleagues, family and friends, or even strangers you have not met before.  When you think about it, every person you come across can have a significant impact on the type of person you choose to be in some way.  It’s like the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  George Bailey was given an opportunity to see a world in which he did not exist.  He realized that his life was a real blessing and his own existence made an impact on so many people in his town.  Life is like that for real.  Everyone we encounter, whether short or long-term can have an influence on you.  Some of those influences are full of love and good and some of those are, more or less evil.  Those good and evil influences will help drive you in a direction that is either good or evil where the adversary always dwells.

When we face moments that we encounter people that tend to bring more toxicity to your life, it can be easy to succumb to that and fall into the trap of being that same type of person.  These are people that will do whatever they can to sever any relationships you have in your own life and bring you down.  We have all seen these type of people throughout our walk in life.  What I want to share with you is that no matter how much someone tries to tear you down and bring you to their level, you can be stronger than them.  Do not let them bring you to a point where you may do something regrettable yourself or take on their same characteristics.  This is when you have to choose to let God pull you from this situation.  Jesus said, “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”  This is such a powerful thing.  Even Christ, while he was being hung on the cross prayed out to the Father to forgive those who were carrying out his crucifixion.  It is the most powerful showing of love and redemption ever.  Confrontations may happen, but even after, love and forgive those who may do wrong to you.  They may not accept, they have that choice.  Leave it in God’s hands.

On the brighter side, there are those encounters and relationships with people that just bring nothing but pure love and encouragement.  These are those that stand by you through difficult times or provide you the words that help to lift you up.  We have all encountered these people as well.  I have many them around, from my family and friends, to colleagues, mentors, and even people I may not know as well, but encounter regularly.  There is one gentleman that works out at my gym and everyday he comes in with a smile and walks around shaking everyone’s hand and asking how they are doing.  Have not had the chance to know him personally yet, but he is a guy that just loves life and loves meeting people.  Those types of attitudes are infectious as well.  Like with any situation we can choose to let these individuals have an impact on you and whether you let their kindness reflect in you.

As I said, any relationship we have in our lives has an impact on us.  We have to choose how we let that relationship influence our own self.  The good and the bad will have an impact on you.  Mr. Potter had an influence on George Bailey just as his own wife did.  The negative in life can be so easy to gravitate to.  It’s always easier to fall down that path.  We live in a fallen creation and the adversary is their day in and day out to pull at us in our sinful nature.  You must choose to learn from those good and bad encounters in life and make strides to walk through life in a manner that is positive or negative.  The positive is always harder as temptation is always there, but you can let God take control and he will help guide you through the rough patches and rough relationships.


Surrounded by Passion and Success

I just had one amazing weekend! Having never been in an environment like this, I was blessed with an amazing opportunity. I traveled with my brother, Rob, to Franklin, TN outside Nashville, to the 48 Days Sanctuary for their 2012 Christmas Open House. At this event I was afforded an opportunity to network with many entrepreneurs who have taken the road to freedom to pursue purposeful lives and work. This whole weekend I was like a sponge. I got to listen to people talk about their many pursuits and how they have journeyed through life to be free. The energy and passion in everyone here was absolutely awe inspiring. I have never been in a setting where people were just all about their own dreams. There was an absolutely genuine sense of happiness among everyone. You do not see that very often.

Throughout this weekend, I grew immensely as a building leader and entrepreneur  It built a stronger feeling that the decision to go down this road was the right decision. It may not always be easy, but I know God is pointing me to work that is my purpose, will be meaningful, and that I will love. God has laid out a path for each one of us and the choices in our lives are built around finding that path and living it out. The people you surround yourself with in life bring further influence into how you move  toward God’s path. This weekend was a breading ground of success and just these few hours helped to build more confidence in myself that I can do this and so can anyone else who feels they may be stuck in that career that is not right for them and that is stifling their lives.

While at the 48 Days Sanctuary  I took times to step away and walk around the property to process and think about the experience and what it means for me. I took in the wonderful scenery and just contemplated it all. What a beautiful place Dan and Joanne Miller have, by the way. After this weekend, I have made a definitive decision in who I will surround myself with into the future to help drive my own aspirations. People like those the 48 Days Family are who I need to be around. When you surround yourself with people that drive your energy, you will be energized yourself. The energy here was amazing.

In your own life, be aware of those you surround yourself with. If you are around people that sulk in their work and our miserable in what they do, chances are that you will fall down that same path. If you have dreams and passions you want to pursue, surround yourself with those that help you bring out those passions, that will drive you to successes in your passions and give you fulfillment in life. It is part of a key that will unleash your full God given potential.

48 Days Eagle

Building Strategic Partnerships

This weekend, I have been blessed with the opportunity to join my brother Rob, founder of 180 Career Coaching, along with our partner, Randell Mark, founder of Intentional Legacy, as we congregate in Nashville for the 48 Days Christmas Open House.  I am absolutely thrilled about the chance to spend this time with my brother and getting to meet people, such as Dan Miller, founder of 48 Days and co-author of “Wisdom Meets Passion.”  Getting the opportunity to meet and network with people who have found the freedom to do the work they love, gain insight from them, and potentially build future partnerships is going to be absolutely amazing.

This morning, I have been thinking about this and about the idea of strategic partnerships as an entrepreneur and business leader.  There will be much more about this posted in the near future, but Rob, Randell, and I are on the verge launching partnership in 2013 with the goal helping business leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs learn how to navigate through generational changes that are every present in the workforce today.  As a partnership, we will work together bringing our own skills and abilities to the forefront to help drive a successful team.  More to come on that, as we get closer to launch.

Forming strategy partnerships, however, are an instrumental way for businesses work together and bring wins to all involved.  One article I read noted that strategic partnerships are critical for businesses as businesses cannot do everything on their own to be successful.  For us, partnering is instrumental as it helps us use the best of our abilities with each person focused on critical peaces of the business function.  This can be relationship building, identifying customer needs, relationship building, and gaining commitment.  As a partnership, different partner can have a significant focus all working toward the common goal of driving successes.

As I mentioned, strategic partnerships also help to bring out wins for all involved as each partner can do something that helps the other partners.  For example.  I could partner with someone who may have a book their promoting, so when I conduct my seminar and web events, I can promote that book, while the partner can potentially push clients my way.  There are so many ways that this can work.   It is all about win-wins and successful partnering can bring that about.

Looking forward to what 2013 will bring!  It’s going to be exciting when we fully launch and I can announce the full scope to you all!

Talk again soon.  God Bless!

It’s All About People

I was reading a blog today from John C. Maxwell regarding the importance of relationships with people.  He was talking about people who may have a tendency to blame office politics or other problems for not being able to get ahead.  This made me reflect about people in general.  Several years ago, I was at a conference where the key message was that we are just people that are helping people.  A very simple approach. Sometimes, we may tend to disregard the relationships that we build with people and the impact they have in our lives.  I have found that those relationships are very profound.  Getting out and networking with people can help you build relationships that can help you build a stronger career or help your business to grow stronger.  I know this may sound trivial as many of us love meeting people and building those relationships.  At the same time there are many that do not value getting out to meet people and don’t build those relationships.  I know from experience.

While I have worked hard at my career growth and my education growth, I was not always the greatest at building those relationships and networking to help myself grow.  I have grown to understand that this is such an important part of growth for everyone in their work and in life in general.  My experience can be a great example of how people can turn themselves around and learn to take advantage of the relationships that they build to build stronger futures.  Through the relationships I have built, I have been able to find my real path as a leader and entrepreneur.  I was able to use the relationships to my advantage and built the courage to forge ahead with building a new business.

If you find yourself own the shy end in your work or keep yourself more closed off, but at the same time you want to still grow or get that promotion, you still can.  Getting to meet people and know people is important.  You can help yourself to get there but getting out of that comfort zone.  The relationships we build can help to define your future, but it starts with you.