The Four Pillars to Come Alive

Ever since I first began this GEN Revolution journey, I have spent much time reflecting on what is it that I was really doing.   What do I want to focus on and what do I really want to bring out to everyone?  I always knew that one day I would be able to pursue my own work avenues.  It has taken some time to figure out what it is I really wanted to do.   Even after developing the idea of GEN revolution, it still took time to figure out what it would turn out to be.  I knew I wanted to help people in some one.  To provide guidance to help them in their work lives and maybe more.  With much prayer and thought, the idea is really beginning to take shape in what I feel I was called to do.  I have known for some time that God has been calling me into service in some way.  I have written many times about this in the past and now here.

The journey of GEN Revolution is coming alive and my mission has really started to unfold.  I was thinking through my mission statement this week and this is what came about,  “Use the abilities God has given me to make a difference in my life and the lives of those I encounter and work with. Motivate and inspire others to stand up for what they believe and never make excuses for unleashing their full God given potential. Create value for people in wanting to live in freedom with intentional purpose and achieve prosperity.”  There is a lot being said behind that statement.  There are so many areas in life that shape who we are and the kind of life we decide to leave.  These are areas of faith, marriage and family, work, and life purpose.  What was made clear to me was that neglecting one of these areas leaves  void in your life.  I will give a quick high-level look here.

Our walk with God and faith in Jesus Christ is a very important aspect of living.  He is the creator of all and placed each one of us here to glorify Him and serve Him, praise Him, and to follow the path He has laid forth.  We need to be able to turn back to God, repent, and continue praising Him for the blessing we have.  Doing so, is building block that carrier over to everything else in life.  Next, is our family and marriages (if you’re married).  One of the biggest issues I see is when married couples begin to disconnect and let little things get in the way of their happiness.  Your love for each other is meant to be unconditional just has God’s love for us is unconditional by the way he sent his son to bear the punishment we deserved for falling short of his grace.  People need to not neglect this area of their lives and also not neglect the time they have with their children.  Work is next and this is big.  It is our means providing for making a living and providing for our families.  Far too often, people settle for work that makes them miserable and they dread getting up in the morning.  I have most definitely been there.  They neglect this area by not pursuing work they love and actually has meaning to them and is profitable.  Finally it is life purpose.  All of these pieces fit into our life purpose and discovering what it is we want to accomplish in life and the kind of life we lead.  This is they way to unleash your full God given potential in life by answering each of these areas.

These four critical pieces will be the foundation of GEN Revolutions focus.  In 2013, you will begin seeing ways that can help you reach each of these areas and unleash your potential.  I will continuing writing each week on each of these areas and I will also begin to offer what will be Revolution Radio, my new podcast that will be launching soon.  Finally, I will be developing and providing a coaching service that will help people reach all of these areas and getting out to speak on the subjects as I can.  This is what I have been called to do  and something I have absolute passion for.  I may not have all the answers, but I most certainly will be able to work with you help you find the answers to your life’s mysteries and unleash your own potential enabling you to come alive.  It’s going to be an awesome journey.  I look forward to be able to serve and help people in their lives.  We can all come alive, nothing is impossible with God on our side.


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