A New Year is Upon Us

2012 is about to fade into the history books and we will begin to embark on a new year.  The start of a new year can mean so much to people.  A chance to start over and make a fresh start or a chance to resolve to accomplish something through a New Years resolution.  Many will make resolutions, but unfortunately very few will hold to those resolutions.  I always see that at my Gym after New Years where people flood in for the first few weeks and then it slowly dwindles back to the regulars.  Many times, life will just get in the way or there can just be a lack of will and determination to stick with what is resolved.  Who knows, there can be any number of reasons for this annual phenomenon to occur.  For myself, I have usually tried to avoid to New Years resolutions.  For the simple fact, that it seems to add additional pressure to stick with a new habit or practice.  Resolving to change should not just be focused on the New Year, although symbolically, I can understand why it is.

Aside from resolutions, moving into the New Year provides a great opportunity to refocus ones life toward optimal living.  We have the opportunity to move away from things that discourage upward movement and take greater control of our lives to truly live out its purpose.  This can come in how we approach our faith and walking closer with God.  It can be how we manage our homes and focus on our families.  It can come with the work we do and whether we decide to find work that is purposeful to our own hearts.  Finally it can be how we live and enjoy the life we have been blessed by God to have.

I have started a journey toward optimal living in every pillar of life, as I highlighted in a previous blog.  It has been a phased process for me.  It first started with my faith and my walk with God.  Over the past couple of years, I have gradually committed myself to more to my faith.  I spend time everyday in God’s Word which has helped me build a closer relationship with Jesus than I had before.  With that renewed faith can the quest for clarity with my family and how lead my home and the time I spend with my wife and my children.  Through lots of reading and prayer I found greater clarity in the father and husband I should be and one that keeps God central t how I lead my home.  Now comes the next phase in the work I do.  I am determined to focus on building a business doing work that I love to do and that will have greater meaning and purpose in serving and helping others.  My wife will be an integral part of this journey, which I am so excited about.

What I have found is that everyone of us has the opportunity come fully alive in every aspect of our lives if we choose to do so.  We all have a chance to take charge of our futures by focusing on each key area of life.  As we move into 2013, take some time to think about areas of your life that may need greater clarity or focus. It could be in your faith, your relationship with your spouse and children, the work you do, or not enjoying life in general.  Each area is an integral part of what I call Coming Alive Through Optimal Living.  Taking the steps to focus on each area will help you to come alive.  This may not call for drastic changes to your life, but maybe just a little bit of clarity and refocusing.

In 2013, I will continue to talk to each one of these points through my writing and in the coming Podcast.  I want to help you find that clarity in each area to come alive.  Through Faith, Family, Work, and Living.  2013 is going to be the start of a great ride with GEN Revolution and I hope that you will join me on this journey and help spread the word as well.

I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2013!

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