The Launch of 4 Pillar Living

Over the last couple of months, I have been on a journey building up my new brand and platform that will be used to serve people in many aspects of life.  I started with the platform of GEN Revolution.  This provided a great way to get myself going and to place my writing under a single name.  As time has passed and the work continues to evolve, I have come to a point that it was necessary to re-brand myself under a name that seemed to fit more with what I feel is God’s calling for me.  Introducing 4 Pillar Living!!!  A few weeks back, I wrote about what I called The Four Pillars to Come Alive.  This really got the ball rolling as I figured out, this was the direction that was needed.

Through 4 Pillar Living, a platform is in place to help people truly unleash their God given potential by paying attention to these 4 key pillars; Faith, Family/Marriage, Work, and Life Purpose.  Each area of life has a significant impact on the type of life someone may lead.  Neglecting one more areas, prevents someone from coming alive, from what I have found.  Paying attention to each area will bring out the best in you.  Many people have become very complacent in their lives and don’t pay attention to certain aspects of their life.  They don’t walk closely with God, they neglect the relationships with their families, the hate their work, or they feel their life has no purpose.  One or more of these areas may be you.  I have been there myself.

I am here to help anyone with struggles in these areas to build more clarity in how to focus and bring the best out of each pillar.  I want to help you to come live through 4 Pillar Living.  I have already began writing my first book on these four pillars.  In the next month, 4 Pillar Radio will be launched, which will be my regular podcast where I will talk about each area and have discussions and interviews with others on these pillars.

I have been called to serve you all and will do my best to provide the information and insight I can drawing from my own experiences and knowledge and the insight of many others that have grown to trust, in particular, God’s Word.  It’s going to be great ride!

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