Awaken That Sleeper Inside You

What do you think about change?  When that word comes up, what is the first feeling you get?  Is it a feeling of anxiety, curiosity, or even excitement?  Everyone tends to respond to change in any number of different ways.  Some change is good and some bad.  Either way, there is a purpose and reason behind it and it is up to you on how you choose to respond to that change.  I’ve been through a number of changes in life.  This relates to job, schooling, growing family, living location, and more.  Each time a change comes, I’ve had to respond in some way to be able adapt to those changes

Now, what I really want to focus on is a change within yourself, your self conscience, and the real focus of your own life.  Have you ever had the urge to make change happen in your life and you just don’t know how to do it?  You could be sitting back waiting for opportunity, or simply afraid of make the change happen and deal with the results that may come.  This again could relate to your work situation, where you live, how you live, how you worship, or how you relate to your family.  Simply stated, change can cover anything.

Often time that urge to change is a result of circumstances or simply could be a new calling and path that God wants to move you toward.  You feel it calling inside you and you know if have to make a conscience choice of how to respond.  Your response to this could call could make a world of difference in your life.  The ultimate decision, however lies in you to make.

What can happen if you ignore this call?  I’m not a psychic, so I can’t say for sure.  What I do know is that failure to act on something can bring about results that may not be the best.  You may find yourself in a dismal rut and not sure how to get out of it.  You may find yourself absolutely miserable in your daily work and settle into a lifetime of complacency.  Complacency in that you settled and accepted your current reality and no matter the toll it can make on you mentally, spiritually, and physically, and not to mention the toll it can have on those around you.  Not the ideal situation.  If you settle, then that is entirely up to you and there is nothing wrong with that if you are comfortable with.

Frank Herbert wrote, “Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.”  If you feel compelled to make change, then maybe that is exactly what you need to do.  There is something sleeping within and when you feel that urge to change, it is trying to awaken.  Why not let it awaken?  You know what that something is?  IT IS YOU!!!  That’s right.  That something sleeping within is who you are and who you were truly meant to be and do.  Why not awaken yourself and make that change happen.

I’m at that crossroads with you and have had to look within myself to figure out what helps me come alive.  For me it is my faith which I grow in each day and secondly above all it is the time I have with my wife and kids.  Getting to maximize my time with them by making needed changes while providing them the life they deserve.

It may be a scary time for you to make those changes.  You may be so uncertain as to what the results may be that it is hard to make that move.  Think on it and definitely pray on it.  If you are not happy where you are.  Something needs to change, but you have to make that change.  Choose to awaken the sleeper within and see how far it take you.

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