Having Courage to Pursue

How often have you ever had an idea or thought come through that you wanted to pursue after, but then decided against it?  It’s in those moments where you know have a great thought or idea and you know it can be powerful, but you hear something discouraging you or you fear what others may say about it.  It could be a simple idea for a new project at work or it could be a life changing move in life such as starting a new business or something.  It could be anything.  Something lights you up and gets you motivated but when crunch time comes, you shy away.

I’ve certainly been there.  I’ve been there a lot in the past year since I started writing to this site and posting to my Facebook page.  I get motivated and then discouraged or just lose motivation due to distractions or wonder if people even care about what I have to say. I wonder if what I am doing here really made any impact.  While I don’t write as much now due to a busy family schedule, I realized that even if only a few people read it makes a difference that can impact more.  I share my thoughts and testimony in hopes that people will be able to find their God given purpose in life and pursue it with no excuses or apologies for it.  Part of my gift and purpose, I’ve realized is writing here and when I hear others mention it knowing they read, it’s encouraging to know that just maybe I’m having an impact even if it is just on a few.  I start with a few in hopes of impacting many more.

Anyway, I digress.  My example is just one, but to my point, if you ever have that idea or passion that you know you are called to pursue in life, that is when courage is needed.  Your faith in God can be a big factor in building that courage.  That naysayer that you hear in your head telling you no or being discouraging is the adversary trying to cloud you thinking.  Don’t listen to that.  Talk to God, get on your knees every day and I promise you, your faith will build your courage and when the time is right, God will tell you when it’s time to move.  Marcus Tullius Cicero said that, “A man of courage is also full of faith.”  Your faith will drive you forward and God will prepare you to battle this world and pursue your purpose.  Don’t let world distractions get in your way and discourage you.  Have faith and courage and you will succeed in achieving what God purposed for you.

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