Unleashing Your Real Talents

I’ve been blogging and writing for many years.  In addition to the different blogs I wrote, I also did a lot of writing through my many years of schooling through graduate school and doctoral program.  I never really found it to be a real strength, if you will, but rather just something I did.  I am a very reserve and introverted person.  Writing became a channel for me to talk about things that weighed heavily on my mind.  Never really thought of it as much of a talent, but something i just liked to do and began to do regularly.  Now, as you all know, I don’t blog every single day, but rather when something inspires me and a thought comes across that I feel needs expressing.

Through school, writing was different.  It became something that was more forced and to write about things that really did not matter much to me personally, but rather because it was assigned.  I find that writing comes much easier when it is something I feel strongly about and really stands out to me.  If I don’t feel the passion behind the writing it’s hard to focus strongly on it.  You can ask my wife on this.  There were many nights she would see me at my computer just trying to force out a paper.

This year, I began something a little different.  I started writing post-game blogs for my son’s middle school baseball team, the Jefferson Dragons.  I did not write huge articles on the games, but rather game recaps with a touch of dramatics to add excitement for the readers.  The players and parents loved it.  In the readership and response I received and my wife received for her pictures that accompanied, it I realized that this is a real talent.  There is something really here.  I knew God gifted me with the talent of writing, but its cool when you can see the reaction that it gives others and it helps really solidify that something really is there.  I’ve been writing for so long, but it never really occurred to me that it was a talent God gifted me with until the last year or so.

My whole point here is that every single one of us has a talent that God gifted us with that we can use to do some pretty awesome things.  Many of you may have already figured out that talent and are realizing that today.  Still others of you may not have figured out exactly what that talent is.  What is it that God gifted you with to bring to this world?  I promise you it is there.  It may be very subtle or it may be something huge.  Either way, you have to find it within yourself and pray on it so that this talent can be unleashed and put to work.  Don’t let someone else define it for you and tell you what you are good at.  Know what you are good at and ask God to lead you into works that will help you realize its potential and give Him all the glory for it.  Once you put that talent to use to do what God tasked you to do, you will see awesome things happen.

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