Healing the Broken

We are all broken people.  We all have lives that are filled with wounds and jacked up places that when you get down to the deep core of your heart will break you down.  I don’t care who you are.  If you have never allowed those things to come to surface to reconcile and renounce them, then you can never fully come alive and break away from that struggle.  Your heart can never be set free.  If you sit in your daily life and just let things be, one day, it will either all blow up in your face in some way.

There is one answer to your brokenness.  That answer is God.  He wants nothing more than to restore you and pull you out of that struggle.  He will go right into the heart of it all to pull you from the fire.  He is orchestrating and rescue of your heart.  We have to be willing to repent, let go, and forgive.  Find it in ourselves to let it all come to light and drive forward from that. Psalm 147:3 says, “He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”  Job 5:18 says, “For though he wounds , he also bandages. He strikes, but his hands also heal.”

Now you may read that last verse if you’ve never heard it and think, whoa! God wounds us and strikes us?  That sounds like a double edged sword.  Why would he want to wound and strike us.  Well, I’ll tell you why.  Sometimes we need to return to our wounds in order to be bandaged and healed.  At Wild At Heart, John Eldredge shared that God is raising the fatherless place so He can heal and restore us to Him.  When we have been wounded in our lives, sometimes it takes the need to go back to that place in your heart.  To feel that pain again, in order to bring it out and be able to truly renounce it and be healed from it.  It’s not easy to do by any stretch but often it may be necessary if we are just filled with junk that just will not come to the surface and we continue to make our agreements with the evil one there.

I’ll share something from my own experience here.  I’ve gone through some ordeals in my life.  Junk in my early years that lead me to seeking validation from my wife as opposed to God and then with the loss of my Dad 5 years ago, to be in a world of just utter brokenness.  When I was unplugged from the world and sitting in total prayer and communion with God, He brought it all out.  Things I never thought would come to the surface, I never even thought about in my story, or would never admit to even myself came to light.  God reached right in and pulled it out and said “here you go.  This is what you need to deal with.  This is what has made your false self.”

But then He said, “this is not who you are, though.  You are more than this.  You are a son ready to come alive, you are a son ready to do battle.  You are a son…You are MY SON. ”

God reached right into me.  He broke me down to my core like I never had been before, but then allowed me to be healed.  He pulled me from where I was and where I had been in my life.  He brought me to life like I had never been before.  He brought me into sonship and showed me that He wants to Father me the rest of the way.  To let go of all the junk and let Him Father me now.  Let Him be my Dad.  He is my true Dad after all just as He is for all of you.

In his book “Waking the Dead,” John Eldredge shares that “The work of Christ in healing the soul is a deep mystery, more amazing than open-heart surgery.”  It is absolutely amazing.  Something we can never fully understand in our own fallen wisdom, but it is most definitely true.  The Lord has many ways that He will reach into lives and heal us.  He takes our heart in pieces and puts it all back together again.  It’s quite amazing to see and be a part of.  To know that we are loved that much as God’s children.  He will will pull us from wherever we are and makes us new.  We just have to be willing to say to God, “Yes Father, I will let you heal me.”

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