What Are Your Motives?

There are motives behind everything we do in life.  Every decision and action we take.  We have motives for why we do them.  Have you ever really put much thought into what those motives were?  Were they fear of rejection, need of acceptance, to look important, anger and retaliation, or any of a number of other things?  Or were you even motivated by faith.  Whatever it is, we all have motives behind our actions.  Often times, those motives are meant to hide ourselves in someway for fear of exposure.  For me fear and insecurities in myself often result in me being more reserved and quite.  For the longest time, particularly in settings that were just not me, I would stay on the quite end.  Motives can make a significant impact on how you act in situations or interact with others.

So what about faith?  If we act from faith, are the outcomes different?  Do we find ourselves more alive and free?  I would have to say without a doubt, yes.  As my life has changed and I’ve allowed God fully into my heart, it has fully changed my motives and the lasting impacts from my decisions, how I interact with others, and how I lead my family and my life.  It’s been quite remarkable to see when I step back and just look at my life.  Acting on faith has enabled me to interact with more people in my church family and share more about my journey.  Acting on faith led me out to Colorado to the Wild At Heart Boot Camp where God just completely changed my world and my heart.  Faith has led to me being more intentional in how I father my kids and the type of husband I am.  Faith has led me to make some big life changing decisions in how I will serve my God and those around me.  You get the picture.  Motivated by faith, so many things begin to shift in a good way and a way that is after God’s heart.

I don’t have this all figured out yet and I know I have plenty more work to do.  I tell you what, though; the work God has done on my heart and my life and the people he has led me to has been just completely amazing.  He’s Fathered me through this and allowed me to see that if I just put my full faith and trust in him, he will lead me through.  I will be able to better recognize and take the spiritual warfare I  and my family faces.  I will be able to better act on where he’s leading me and accept his counsel directly and through those he puts in my life.

In “Free To Live,” John Eldredge points to the motives we have in life and why we have certain tendencies.  He explains that we need to look at our motives and begin to make our choices according to the motives we have.  Examine the motives and determine if it comes out confidence and faith in God or some other fear of insecurities we may have.  Romans 14:23 says that “everything that does not come from faith is sin.” We really need to examine why we do things and then choose based on what the motives really are.  As John states, “This is where genuine goodness is lived out. This is the real deal. The sense of personal integrity that it will give you will be profound. 

Think about Jesus when it comes to choice and motive.  Jesus was able to lead a sinless life.  Why?  It’s simple, because he chose based on faith.  Everything he did in his life here on earth was on pure faith in the Father and the purpose he was here to fulfill.  He was given plenty of chances to choose differently as are recounted in his time in the wilderness with Satan, in his time with the woman at the well, and so much more.  He chose to live on faith.  His motives were driven by faith.

God creating us was a pure act of faith and risk.  His pursuit of us and the war he has waged for our hearts even since our fall is all on faith in us and on love.  Sending Christ behind enemy lines was done on faith and love.  Now we have a deep hope in because of the faith and love that he has had for us.

I know none of us will get this right 100% of the time.  But it certainly gives something to think about when we look at the decisions we make and really examine our motives.  If your motives are based on faith, then have the faith in where God will lead you in.  It’s not always an easy road, but I promise that God will take hold of your heart and lead you.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

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