You Can’t Stop Me

Two weeks from today, I will begin a brand new adventure that I’ve been pumped-up about for the last few months.  I will begin studies in my pursuit of a Masters in Professional Counseling.  I’ve known for some time that God was calling me to do something, but for quite some time, I didn’t know what that was or really just didn’t hear Him.  I tell you though, since January 31st, my life has been on a fast track like I had never seen before and at that point, my heart opened to God’s calling as I am now fully surrendered.  I feel like a freight train coming down the tracks that is unstoppable.  The calling of God is irrevocable (Romans 8:29), so I now stand firm ready to keep pressing forward down the tracks.

I was listening to some christian hip-hop recently.  Tell you what, that can really get you hyped up when you just let the words flow like any other worship song.  There is a song called “You Can’t Stop Me” by Andy Mineo.  The hook in this song got my attention:

They try to shut us down, and it ain’t gon’ slide
Only thing I fear is God and he on my side
That’s the confidence of God, cause he got me
That’s why I really feel like
You can’t stop me

This resonated with me big time.  I am embarking on a journey that’s going to involve some long range learning over the next few years as I work to become a licensed counselor. It’s got to take some serious work and concentration to get through all that is required as a part of this process.  I believe that God’s bringing me on this journey as it will help to strengthen me spiritually in the process.  Along the way and even since January, I get filled with doubts and fears.  I know there will be times on this journey that I know I will just be worn out and stretched to the limits.

There is a difference this time from when I was on my doctorate journey a few years back, which I never finished.  This time I have God filling me.  He has filled me with a confidence that seems unshakable.  Yes, the enemy and this world will test it, but I am so locked in now, I know God has got me and will pull me back up if I fall back along the way.  With the strength of God, I know my new nature that is alive in Jesus can overcome my old self, even if it tries to rear its ugly head and bring me down.  I will be reminding myself constantly that this world, the enemy, and my old self can’t stop me ever again.  Only thing I fear is God and He’s on my side.

I look forward to sharing the experience along the way when I begin my schooling.  I believe firmly in where the Lord is leading me now.  I’ve never had this much excitement in anticipating what’s to come.   When I came home from Colorado I was ready to just role with everything.  I think God slowing me down and bringing me through this more deliberate process is crucial to the development as I first crawl, then I can walk, and then he will set me loose to run.  If I jumped right it running, I would have fell long ago.  But now working on God’s timing, nothing can stop me.

After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you. – 1 Peter 5:10 NASB

1 thought on “You Can’t Stop Me

  1. e

    Yay! Praying your strength & a supernatural portion of peace & provision. May you excel!

    Rejoicing with you in advance,



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