Do I Need Special Training?

As I begin my journey into school and the pursuit of professional counseling licensing, the thought often comes to mind of the type of training needed to be able to counsel and provide the soul care to people.  For many who pursue specialized areas in ministry and discipleship work, there is often the need for schooling and training.  For me, there is a requirement by my state to meet certain qualifications in order to be licensed to practice as a Christian counselor.  A lot of hoops, but a necessary part of the journey.

Now, the question often comes for individuals of what they need in order to talk about the Good News, to disciple and share about Christ.  Do we need special training to do so?  The answer to its core, is no.  Once we have received Christ, repent of our sins, and receive the Holy Spirit, that is all you need to begin to share.  We all have a story.  We all have a testimony that is a powerful part of God’s larger story and can be powerful examples of where Christ is working in our lives.  This part does not take schooling to do so.

A little over a year ago, feeling called to do so, I made a video that is now posted to this site that shared a bit of my testimony in coming to faith in Jesus.  I shared some of the darkness I had gone through, especially the sudden loss of my Dad, the confusion I dealt with in religious practices and denominations, and never living a life fully surrendered.  This was just a surface look into my life, but this is a big part of what we stand on.  We don’t need special training to share about Jesus and the work He does in our lives.

I look to Acts 4:13 when it talk about the council observing Peter and John and noticing they were just ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures.  This is significant to us now.  Peter and John and the rest of the Apostles received their power to teach from the Holy Spirit and through Jesus training them while He was here for those that walked with Him on earth.  These were ragamuffins.  They were a ragtag bunch of fishermen, tax collectors, and more.  Ordinary, fallen men and women.  The Scriptures are full of people who were ordinary who were called to do the extraordinary.

Just think about this in your life if you question your own abilities to share and disciple.  Jesus commissioned us all to share the Good News.  We don’t need special training to do so.  Yes, there are certain fields that may need some additional specialized training, but your testimony is the basis of it all.  Stand on the Truth and what Jesus has done in your life and let Him do the rest.  He will lead you and guide your words if you surrender to Him.  Don’t feel like you are to insignificant to do so.  Know that you are enough and that your faith in Christ is enough.

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