Jesus – A Most Welcome Disruption

Life takes us on a series of ups and downs.  I’ve written about some of them in my life.  We have those good days and we have those not so good days.  We have times of great joy and times of great sorrow and pain.  With the variety of changes in our lives, we have often come to the point where we have accepted things the way they are.  We accept the circumstances that are dealt to us and take the attitude that either life sucks or the attitude to just make the best you can with what you have.  Either way, we come to accept things as they are and find ourselves in the routine of living for this life.

So many of us have become so complacent in our lives.  We live life for this world and we don’t allow our hearts to be free to live.  We certainly don’t life a faithful life, or rather a life that has a heart completely open to Christ and allowing Him come in and do what it is He said He came to do in Luke 4, heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free.  This week at church, we actually dove into this part of the Gospel where Jesus proclaims His mission in Nazareth from Isaiah 61:1 to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free.  As was taught, Jesus did something when He read this Scripture.  He completely disrupted the religious complacency of the Jews.  He turned the world upside down as He came to disrupt everything that this world had grown so used to.  Religious rules and viewing God as a cosmic sheriff ensuring everything was followed.  The Jews had been waiting for the Messiah to come but completely missed it when He was right in front of them.

Jesus came to disrupt this world from the darkness it had fallen into.  A world that was distant from God and that was separated by sin, by rules and laws, and religious rituals.  He did just that.  When He came and completed His works of laying down His life to defeat sin, raising to life to defeat death and hell, and ascending to the Father’s right hand taking all authority over the heavens and earth, He disrupted everything and the world has never been the same.

We view that and it seems so big story, so big picture.  But what does that mean for our individual lives?  What does Jesus’s mission and His finished works mean for us in our daily routines in today’s world?  Well, when you look down to our individual lives, that’s exactly what Jesus is trying to do now.  He wants to completely disrupt our lives and turn our hearts to Him.  When He does disrupt your life, all I can say is wow!

My life is complete testimony to Jesus’s disruption.  When I finally fully surrendered my life and let Him take control, He began to disrupt and change every aspect of my life.  You want to talk about the year of the Lord’s favor?  2015 has been an amazing year so far.  Jesus came in and changed my heart and changed my direction and set me on a path that will bring God full glory and help lead others to the healing and freedom that Christ offers us if we allow Him to come in and disrupt our lives.

Jesus wants into our hearts, but we have to let Him come in.  We have to be willing to allow Him to disrupt the life we live now, where we are so set on ourselves.  As Jesus says, in Revelation 3, I stand at the door and knock.  He is knocking on our hearts.  Not just tapping away. He is banging on our hearts, hoping we’ll let Him in.

My challenge to you is to open your hearts to the disruption of Jesus.  Let me tell you, when you do, the feeling and freedom is so amazing.  You know longer have to live a life filled with worries and fear.  Not to say things will all be roses, but you no longer have to fear when you just let Jesus take control of it all. Let Him disrupt the flow of your life.  Not with religion and routines, but with with real freedom that draws you to Him everyday of your life.

Welcome the disruption of Jesus.  You will never regret it if you do.

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