A Much Needed Disconnect and Reconnect

It’s felt strange not writing at all these past couple of weeks.  I just returned with my family from some much needed rest at the beach.  For my family and me, the gulf coast is like a second home.  That is our typical escape from the busyness of everyday life.  I look at this time as a moment to let go and just live, enjoying being in the presence of the Lord.  Being able to wake up each morning and on the waters edge, looking out over the expansive waters of the Gulf, it reminds me of just how small we are in God’s larger creation and larger story.  All the while, despite how small we are, God pursues us and loves each of us just the same.  Psalm 23:3, “He restores my soul.

I recall being in Colorado earlier this year and being able to, for the first time, letting go and unplugging.  This time around, I tried to do the same, leaving my phone in our room when we went on the beach.  Not wanting to be bogged down with social media or news or anything else.  It’s still amazing to me how difficult that becomes for us these days.  To let go of our shackles that is our phones and connections and just live.  I did my best to do that this time around and it was very freeing.  It truly gave me a chance to let go for a bit.

I just can’t stress how important it is to let go.  To unplug and get away from the routines of life.  We all get so bogged down and busy that many of us just find it impossible to get away, let alone unplug from the matrix.  I was finishing up one of my first classes and writing a paper relating this issue of a counselor, while successful getting near the edge of burnout and abruptly taking a vacation.  Reaching burnout can affect your judgement as I have studied, so we have to take the time to take care of ourselves.  Take care of ourselves physically, spiritually, emotionally.  We need our time to just let our minds break free and not think about work and our buys lives for a bit.  A week hardly seems like enough, but when we can, we need to do this.

This week, I also reconnected deeper with the Lord.  Getting to just spend more time in Scripture and prayer than I’ve allowed myself too sometimes was amazing.  I have loved being more connect with Him and this week away allowed me more time to dive deeper into that connection with Him.  We face so much in this world and there is so much chaos around us, but just knowing that God is there always and has always been the same as he was and will always be the same, is awesome.  I know I can always go to Him and he will restore me; spirit, soul, and body, heart mind, and will.

Thankful for the time I had with my family on vacation.  Would love to have more of that time, but I am pumped to restored and renewed for what is to come.  Ready to dive back in.

2 thoughts on “A Much Needed Disconnect and Reconnect

  1. Chris Larson

    I completely understand where you are coming from, the spirit of this age is busyness and to fight for that space with God is crucial in our masculine journey. My name is Chris and i was blessed to have the experience of a wild at heart retreat a few years back. Ever since then my walk with God has done a 360 for the good. The only hard part for me is finding other men in who share in this message of the heart to do life with. My experience has been that most men dont get it and the ones that do dont want it (to live from the heart that is). If there are any men who want to do life together i would be honored to share to share my story. I am 33 and live in winder. If you are older/younger, it doesn’t matter to me. I believe God calls us as men to do life together. Our jobs, wives, kids, can never replace of need for maculine friendship . My email is larsonchris27@yahoo.com

    1. Richard Clinton Post author

      Thanks so much for that comment Chris. I agree that it is important that we find men to have in our circles that we can do life with on a real level and not covered by a figleaves. I attended Wild At Heart back in January and it was an amazing, life changing experience. I will fire you off an email to connect. Good to know you.


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