Unearned Freedom Given Out of Love

Paul tells us something very substantial in Galatians 5:1; “So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free and don’t get tied up in slavery to the law.”  This freedom that was given to us, unearned and unmerited is something so huge and substantial to our lives, but for us and our fallen nature we still can’t fully fathom and understand the depths of this freedom.  We still live lives that try to jump through religious hoops and trying to keep up with the world and a false sense of who we are.  We continue hiding, feeling ashamed if we stand out in the world on our faith and in the freedom given in Christ.

In his book, Beautiful Outlaw, a book that I highly, highly recommend, John Eldredge shares something substantial about the extraordinary freedom in Christ.  He says, “How much of what we do is motivated by fear of man?  Think of it – to be entirely free of false guilt, free from pressure, from false allegiances.  It would be absolutely extraordinary.  This is what gives Jesus the ability to say such startling honest things to people.”  Think about this.  Jesus is able to, without any fear, stare right back at the religious leaders and call them out for their hypocrisy.  Jesus is able to rebuke Peter saying, “get away from me Satan” when Peter talks of not allowing Jesus to die.  He clears the temple with a whip in hand causing utter chaos when he sees they turned the temple into a market place.  Those are just a few examples.  Jesus is direct and free from the feeling of guilt for being straight-up and honest with everyone.  He does not worry about this world.  Does not worry about what people think.  He is free from that.  He knows who He is.  He knows His purpose from the Father and set out to fulfill that purpose.

Eldredge adds something else to this.  “Neither success nor opposition have power over him.  One day the crowds love Him, the next they are shouting for his crucifixion.  Jesus in the same man – the same personality – through the whole swirling tempest. Jesus is free from the fear of man.  It is something more than integrity, though it certainly encompasses that.  He is true to himself, true to His Father, true to what the moment most requires, true to love.  In this forest of fig leaves, where you are never sure you are getting the true person, there is nothing false about Jesus.”

This is so substantial for all of us.  Jesus is the second Adam.  He is the example of what man was meant to be and how we were meant to live, with a life fully surrendered and fixed on the will of the Father.  Our world has fallen so much and this is what Jesus came for.  To set us free from our fallen self.  To set us free from sin, this world, death, judgement, and the evil one.

How much greater our lives would be if we could just put aside our worry about what the world thinks.  Free from the pressures of what going with the crowd.  Free from the religious non-sense that Jesus also confronted and tore the veil to free us from, but man through the enemies influence has tried to keep strong and keep a veil between us and the Father.  How much greater this life would be.

The beauty of it all is that we can choose to live this way.  The choice is ours to make. We can choose Jesus and choose to follow His lead seeking the Father’s will.  We are free and alive in Christ and we don’t have to be slaves to this world and to our sin.  My challenge to everyone is to choose to come alive.  Choose to live in the freedom and holiness that Jesus brought us and has given us.  We no longer have to bow to this world.  He don’t have to feel pressured by false guilt given by others to live how others think we should.  Seek God the Father’s will in all that you do and He will show you the freedom that is yours in Christ.

It’s an amazing feeling to know the freedom I have in Christ.  I know the freedom I can now live in and not subject myself to the will of others.  I live for my God alone through the freedom that was undeserved but is freely mind in Christ.  It is available to all of us who choose to accept it.  I will fight for this freedom everyday day as we all should.  Live in freedom!

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