Prodigal Son – A Reflection

Many of you know the parable Jesus told of the prodigal son.  Shared in Luke 15:11-32, this is powerful story displaying the love of God for His children.  As you likely know, in this story there is a son who is given his inheritance before his father’s death.  Taking that and everything he has, this son goes out to live a life on his own, spending lavishly, partying, and just living the rock star life.  He spends so much that he runs out of money and goes to work for a farmer, but barely making enough for food.  Full of despair and regret, the son decides to return home, fully knowing he is not worthy of his father any longer, to be his son.

Then comes the best part of the story, from my point of view, in verse 20. “So he returned home to his father. And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion. he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him.” Happy to see his some return he gets the finest robe, sandals, and a ring and then throws a great party.  Not the reception this son had anywhere near expected.  His father said in verse 23-24, “We must celebrate with a feast, for this son of mind was dead and has now returned t live. He was lost, but now he is found…”

What an incredible reflection of redemption and salvation found in the father through Jesus Christ.  I read through this parable again over the weekend just as there are parallels to this story for each of us, God revealed something pretty parable to me in my reading this time around.  I saw images of myself throughout my life and then over the last 4 years or so.  I truly saw how I was the prodigal son from my own story and perspective.  This reflection never even showed up in my mind until this time through.

For the fist 33 years of my life and as I came into adulthood, I just went along.  I had not been led by any deep faith or conviction and followed by the mind set that I just needed to live good.  If you have ever watched the show, Rosanne, there is an episode where their son, DJ, begins to question faith and takes it upon himself to attend church.  With questions of his own families faith, he asks his parents, Dan and Rosanne.  They proceed to go through the family background, Pentecostal, Baptist, Lutheran, and so on. He asked what they are now and they say that they believe in being good, so their good people.  Essentially, this is how I viewed life.  We just did and just lived life as we saw fit.

Fast forward to 2011.  Already in a world of brokenness after my Dad’s death nearly 2 years prior, I was unsure where to go.  I began to pick up Scripture and began to do that everyday.  In my reading this weekend, what God revealed to me was that this was the moment where I began to turn my eyes back to home.  Like the prodigal son, unsure of what was to come, I began the long journey.  I knew that I was unworthy of being called son as well. But still, I kept coming on the journey.

Fast forward to January 2015.  With still so much growth to do and a long ways off from where I knew I was headed, I ventured into the mountains.  A long ways off and still unsure of where I would end up, my Father showed up.  He came and met me in those frozen ice and snow of the Colorado mountains, embraced me and welcomed me home.  It was an awakening like I had never experienced in my life.  God took a hold of my heart, took me through my brokenness to restore me to Him once more and I found my identity as His son and now walk in sonship with the Father every single day.

As for the great feast, we’re on our way their now.  This year has been like a preparation for a great feast and party.  I know my place in the Father now through Christ, though unworthy, I am made new in Him and look to the wedding feast when Christ is reunited with His bride.  All the preparations are underway now.  Having been restored to the Father and accepted as His son, I am now called to a higher purpose for Him, to be a champion for Christ and to be a difference maker for His Kingdom as we are all called to do.

I’m so thankful for the things that Lord continues to reveal to me.  I don’t get something new every single day, but staying locked into Him, He continues to reveal things to me on His time and each time I stand in awe of Him for all that He is and thankful for His undeserved mercy and grace over my life as well as everyone else that chooses to accept Him.  If you still are lost in where you stand, just look to the Father, He will guide you Home and will bring you back in with open arms.  Let Him restore you.

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