Never Knew How Lost I Was

This year, I came to an amazing realization about my life.  I was lost.  I was desperately lost and wandering through each day unsure of myself.  I was coming to know God more steadily as I’ve written a great deal about lately, but still unsure.  Was I truly made new in Christ?  I really didn’t know answer for some time.  I knew that in years past, the answer was no.  Then something happened and God took a hold of my life and my heart on a level that I had never experienced before.  It started while sitting in a Bible study with our mens ministry at my church.  My heart was pierced and I realized I had wandered so far alone that I was just going to continue staying lost if I stayed that way.  A few weeks later, the whole world changed for me.  My view of life, my view of my faith, everything changed.

Until all of this happened, I never knew just how lost I truly was.  It was until I fully surrendered my life that it all became clear.  God showed me where I was off track, pulled me into my pain and brokenness and allowed me the chance to repent and renounce all of that and allow for Christ to restore me as He came to do.

It’s a truly amazing feeling when all of this happens; when your life is taken by storm and Christ opens our eyes (the blind see), opens our ears (the deaf hear), and you come alive and restored (heal the brokenhearted).  The clarity of life is amazing at this point and you truly begin to see that your old and false self for what it truly is.  Becoming a sold out follower of Jesus Christ was and is the only way to truly find your way again and live.

I was talking with a couple of brothers this week, one at service Sunday and then at the gym one morning this week.  We were talking about the desperate need of so many for counseling and restoration.  So many people all around us and some of you reading this may be included, are desperately lost.  You may have some idea of who Christ is, but you don’t fully know Him or have not opened the door to let Him into your heart (I stand at the door and knock).  These types of conversations have allowed me to continue seeing that God is moving me in the right direction to help lead people to discover their brokenness and that they are lost, and be able to find the real healing that is only available in Christ.

I never truly knew how lost I was until I truly found God and I allowed the restoration of Christ.  Wandering through this world without that relationship will only lead to emptiness in the end.  It’s a Truth that none of us are above.  Fortunately there is hope in Christ for ALL who come to Him.


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