Brain Fried and Confidence Building

What an incredible start to the week here at Liberty University for the first of my on campus intensive courses.  As I wrote in my last post, before coming here, I had no idea what to expect.  While I was amped up and excited, I was also quaking with in my boots not knowing what I was going to encounter.  Now I sit in my hotel room after completing my second day here.  I can honestly say, that although my brain is fried with all of the learning and work, my confidence level continues to grow.  As I’ve shared, counseling is a new realm for me.  I did not know how I would be actually sitting down and working with someone, but this week, so far, has showed me that I can do this and that God has me right where he wants me.

Talk about a nerve wracking experience sitting in front of people I just met and having their share their story and their struggles with me.  While, of course, I’m still learning this process and starting with the basics, I was really surprised just how easily so of this stuff has already to come.  It’s like God has used a lifetime of experiences and interactions to prepare me for this time and this real purpose.

I made an observation today during our practice sessions before having to actually video a real session.  That is, for one, I’m not alone in this journey.  There are 65 others here on the same journey for all different reasons and purposes, but all God led.  The other is that through all of our unique pains and struggles, God has used each of our struggles in unique ways to pull us back to Him and to live a life driven by Him.  We’re all at different places in our journey, spiritually.  There are many here younger than me, some my age, and then others that are older.  We are from all walks of life, but all called to help people.  We can fix people, but we can help lead them in to the healing they are seeking to find

I’m pumped about the rest of the week.  I’m sure by Friday, I’ll be ready to just sleep for a week, but at the same time, I eagerly wait for the next step of this God led journey.  As I wrote today, during class, it’s all in God’s hands for here on out.

Picture I took over Liberty after team sessions

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