God Never Gave Up On Me

We’ve all had questions about life.  About who we are.  About why we are here.  We’ve all had doubts about ourselves and about our faith in some capacity and at some point in life.  It’s a part of our nature and a part of who we are a humans.  We are not infallible as some think they are.  We all jack it up at some point or another.  We all give in to temptation at some point or another.  It is a part of endemic sin nature.   It’s who we are.

As I wrote on Monday, we did this thing at Liberty last week called a spiritual life map.  I looked over mine over and over and as we were in class talking through them in practice sessions and discussions, my map revealed something very key to me and to all of us, through all of our doubts, questions, wounds, and sins.  God never once gave up on me.  At point after point I could see where His hands were there.  He brought Amber and me together at the right time.  He blessed us with 3 wonderful kids.  He brought me through the loss of my Dad which happened 6 years ago yesterday.  He used all of those circumstances even when I was not turning to Him, to continue pouring into me.  He used people around me to pour into me in different capacities, even when I didn’t realize it, and it all brought me to the point of complete surrender.

God never gave up on me and guess what, He has not given up on you.  He is eager to pull you back from the brink.  His hands are always there to grab us, even when we keep running from Him.  It takes our willingness to stop and face all of our sins and wounds, lay them at the feet of the cross and chose to live a life for only Him.  He desire that for each one of us, which is why He set aside his deitic privileges to walk as fully human in Jesus and willing give up that life and shed His blood for us.  That is the ultimate symbol of God not giving up on us.  To show that kind of love for us to bring us back to Himself.

When I thought of this last week, this was such a powerful time.  His hands have always been there through the ups and downs.  He never gave up on me and again, He has not given up on you.

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