Test Everything

If we ever want to know Truth, there is one source to learn this Truth.  That comes from the infallible Word of God.  The 66 book love letter that has been God breathed and inspired and given to us as the blueprint of life and the unveiling of God’s pursuit of our hearts and His desire to restore us to what we were meant to be.  This pursuit is laid out page-by-page and verse-by-verse.  If you truly get into the Word, to start studying it and knowing it, it’s life changing and give you a whole new perspective on things.  As Paul says in Romans 12:2, your mind will be renewed and you will become a new person.  That is the person you were meant to be all along as a child of God.  Trust me when I tell you that it is transformational.

It is also the source for which to test what people teach and say in this world.  Jesus warns us in Matthew 7:15, to be aware of false teaching in this world.  The difference here is that God’s Word is infallible, where as man is fallible.  It is our responsibility in the faith to truly get to learn what people are teaching and test what is being taught.  Test it against the Word.  This includes what I write here, any books that are written by man, and the teachings you get from church pastors on Sunday mornings.  I don’t care how great their sermon may be, how great the book is, or even how awesome my latest blog post is :).  You have to get to know the truth for yourself.

Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 to test everything that is said.  Anything that comes from this world must be tested against the Truth laid out in God’s Word.  If they don’t past the test.  If it contradicts teaching, then you need to steer away from it.  Get to know the Truth for yourself.  One thing that I do is, after a Sunday sermon, I take all my notes and the notes for the sermon.  Then over the course of the week, I study it deeper and I look in the Word and pray on it and meditate on it and journal about it.  I get know what for myself what the Word says.

We build up a level of trust for people and believe everything they may teach in sermons or in writings in true.  Remember, however.  This is all delivered from man.  Yes, it may sometimes be inspired by the Holy Spirit, but it is still delivered by man.  We are not infallible, so we can just as easily make a mistake in teaching and writing.

1 John 4:1 says to not believe everyone that claims to speak by the Spirit, and that you must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from the God.  This is the other thing.  Just has Satan deceived Eve in the Eden, so to He will try to deceive man.  All with the goal of turning us away from God.  Test the spirits.  Test the fruit of what is teaching.  Just because something sounds great, does not mean it is Truth from God.  Take the prosperity gospel that some speak.  That is complete distortion of the truth of God and does not pass the test.  It is deceiving, yet people follow because it sounds great and do not test it for themselves.  I almost fell into that trap.

So I challenge you.  No matter what you hear on a Sunday, no matter what you read in the latest blog post, or latest book, test it.  The measuring rod is God’s Word.  Learn the Truth for yourself that is only revealed through His Word.  Then you will know the Truth that God has revealed.

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