Tunnel Vision

The last 8 weeks have to have been the most stressful part of my learning that I’ve experienced to this point.  I was balancing two classes with my counseling program and Liberty University, which I have done in previous semesters, but something about this just was so challenging to get through.  The learning was so rich though.  There was so much value in the knowledge gained and things that will be very valuable I begin to draw nearer to real-life counseling work.  You ever have those times when you feel like you don’t know whether you are coming or going?  That’s what it felt like at times and last week, being the final week of the sub-term, I was on scramble trying to get it all done and close out the classes right.

In the midst of all of that craziness, I had to keep my mind refocused.  It can be so easy when things just get so crazy and busy, to even forget why you’re going through all of that.  There have been a couple of days where I’m asking myself what I’m doing.  Before, when things got like this, it would be so easy to be taken out.  Nowadays, my whole mindset has changed gears and I know what I’m in this for.  What am I a doing at 37 going through school, again, for what will be my 3rd degree?  It’s simple, I’m now doing the Lord’s work and to get through it all, I have to keep tunnel vision.

I listen to guys like KB and Lacrae when I workout every morning.  There’s a song by KB called “Zone Out” that really says it all, and when I get bogged down in craziness, this begins to often play in my head.  It’s like the Lord is resetting me and continually reminding me what I’m in this for.  The part of the song that I hear in my head often goes like this:

‘Cause I’ve got tunnel vision, yeah I’m focused on the light (he’s with me)
Can’t see a thang ‘cause I’m focused on the Christ (come with me)
You can try to kill me but you can’t hurt me
You can bring whoever you want, want
You’ll never break me, won’t penetrate
Once I get off in my zone, zone yeah

That’s what it’s all about.  Keeping tunnel vision with the heart and mind always focused on Christ and the walk with Him, each and every day.  When I get overwhelmed, go back to that.  It brings me back every time.

When the Lord puts a calling on your heart, you simply have to follow.  It’s not always going to be easy.  You may have one day where you are just fired up and ready to roll along and then the next day, or even that same day, things may begin to overtake you and you don’t know if your coming or going (Got my hand up).  Keeping the heart and mind focused on where the Lord is leading through all of the chaos is so important.

I’m thankful where He’s continued to lead me and that He’s allowed me to share my own journey along the way.  The walk with God continues for a lifetime until He calls us home.  Ups and downs will happen, chaos will ensue, but I can see how He grows us up in the process.  Just keep that tunnel vision.

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