Looking Deeper

I just spent a rare evening at a movie theater this evening.  Not something that we get and do very often. This time, it was with my two sons, Shawn and Brandon, the day before Shawn graduates high school, to go see a film produced by Ransomed Heart Ministries and And Sons Magazine, called A Story Worth Living.  This was a one time nationwide showing of this new film.  I wrote about it a few weeks back as the anticipation of this evening was becoming a reality.  Hopefully some of you had the opportunity step out and see it as well.

To give some insight, this film takes place with the backdrop of a motorcycle adventure through back country of Colorado with John Eldredge, his sons Sam, Blaine, and Luke, Dan Allender, and Jon Dale.  Throughout the film we see some cool imagery and footage following their adventure.  The real meat of the film, however came in the discussion and the stories that were shared throughout this film.  That’s where you really see what they are after, to share with larger audience the message that many men and women who have connected to the ministry have learned.  That we are a part of a larger and more epic story.  We were created for adventure and risk, to walk with faith in full trust of where the Father is leading us.

I usually don’t let social media stuff get under my skin.  I was posting something about the film and how well done I thought it was in sharing the message that is the backdrop of this ministry and the excite of getting to share this with my two sons.  As we all know, you can’t please anyone and we see plenty of posts from people who just were about the off-road adventure, not having a clue what the purpose and meat behind this film was.  It was actually rather disturbing at first to see.  Stepping back after a minute, I realized that unfortunately, this is just something that was bound to happen.

This film was such a great reminder of the story that we are a part of.  That each of our lives and stories are just one piece of God’s larger story.  We have all been invited into this by the Father.  Invited into risk and adventure, to live by faith in full trust of wherever He is leading us.  We are meant to spend our lives continually pursuing that adventure and risk.  To continue pursing God’s heart and draw closer to Him through deeper and deeper faith and trust.  We have to go deeper.  We have to look deeper into what He is has invited us into.  The world wants you to see surface level, self-consumed adventure.  The Father is inviting you to take a risk and step into His adventure.

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