Planting Seeds

I’ve been reminded lately of the teachings of Jesus regarding planting seeds in Matthew 13, from the Parable of the Farmer Scattering Seed to the Parable of the Mustard Seed.  I’ve heard this teaching so many times over the years and as I began to study Scripture myself, I continued to run across it.  It took some time for these teachings to really sink in.  To know what it means to become the good soil and the harvest that is produced as a result of this.  Then having faith like a mustard seed and how faith, even so small can grow to be so big.  Then the Parable of the Yeast and how faith is like that yeast in that it permeates all through the dough.

These have become so significant to my life and how I continue to strive to live out my faith so that I continue digging to become that good soil and to be like the yeast or the mustard seed in how they continue to grow and spread.  What’s interesting is that I’ve never thought of my faith in the context of how it can impact others until recently.  I wrote early this year about the ripple effect that faith has when seen by others.  The impact of Baptizing my wife and our  three teenagers in January was so substantial.  Being able to share my own faith and insights from God  of my life and how that has helped others in different settings, both at home in my community, out west in on my last trip to Colorado, while on campus at Liberty University last month for an Intensive course, and then my writing on this page, and counseling and ministering to people.  All of it, I’ve been able to start to see movement in the lives of others.hand-seed

When I was at the Become Good Soil Intensive in May, one of the things the Father revealed to me through one of my mentors was the the image of Jesus planting seeds in our lives and then in my growth, me standing along side Him to plant seeds.  Then he showed my wife and children joining me to plant seeds as well.  That was such a powerful moment for me and realizing that yes, God is using me to continue to plant seeds in the soil, or the lives of others to help them grow their faith like the mustard see or the yeast.  It helped me to realize the impact that is very real and spreads more than I ever thought.

I write and share all this for a reason.  I firmly believe that God desires to use each of us in this way.  I have thought of some of the short-term effects, but never really gave thought to the long-term.  The seed we plant to day can grow to produce so much more for years and years to come.  I have heard and seen the effects people have had on each other.  I never thought that simply meeting my good friend and pastor, Tim, while our sons played baseball together 5 years ago, would have had such an intricate role in leading me to where I am today.  I never thought that my colleague, KC, handing me Wild at Heart as a gift one day 4 years ago, during some of the most challenging periods of my life, would have led me to walk the life I do now.

The Father is planting seeds in our lives and seeking growth and deeper intimacy with each of us.  The fruit of those seeds may not be seen immediately, even thought we may desire it to.  As the saying goes, God’s timing is perfect.  One of the most beautiful things God does is take time.  When we dedicate our lives to what He has for us, however, the results can be tremendous that we are drawn closer to Him, help lead others to desire deeper relationship with Him, who may then lead others to draw to Him.

You never know the effect simple things may have on the lives of others.  Become that good soil to allow the fruit of God to grow in your life and watch the abundance in the fruit that will be produced all around you.  I’m excited to see where God takes me and how I may be able to help others planting seeds in their lives for greater growth.  He’s using us all.

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