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We Need Dad’s In This World

Yesterday, we celebrated Father’s Day where we show appreciation to Father’s everywhere.  Many of you know my story and know my Dad was lost a few years back.  Father’s Day is a little different for me since then, but I also have the blessing to be a Dad to three awesome kinds.  I am thankful to God that he has blessed me with the responsibility and privilege to be a part of raising these boys and girl along with my wife.

I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me yesterday in worship when I heard the crazy statistics about kids growing up without a father in the home.  This shouldn’t be news to anyone but it’s rather alarming to know how many kids out there grow-up without a father in the home (over a third of kids).  If you dig deeper, you will see a greater number of kids that grow-up without a Dad, whether there is a present father or not.  What really was striking me was how much this issue has become so normal and almost acceptable in our society today.  Guys make it too easy to step away from the responsibility of being a Dad and walk out on their homes or just check-out and refuse to be involved in the lives of their children.

This issue just frustrates, because it’s difficult for me to comprehend the thought of my kids growing up without me in their lives and involved in their lives.  I could have easily taken a different road.  I became a Dad very young.  When we first found out about it, I was scared to death of what kind of Dad I would be.  I knew it was a responsibility I had though and wouldn’t pass-up on it for the world.  Each and every kid we have in this world is a new blessing and God given opportunity that none of us should throw away.

I am not trying to diminish single-moms out their at all.  I applaud each of you for your efforts when left alone to raise children.  This goes to the, so-called men out their who skip on the opportunity and responsibility to raise their children in the way of Lord and be involved in every aspect of growing-up.  Don’t put career or other things of this world ahead of your family.  Keep God first and raise your children as a spiritual leader.  Teach them to seek God in their lives and walk closer with Jesus.

Psalm 127 3-5 says this.  “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are reward from him.  Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them! He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates.”

They are a gift from God.  Don’t throw away such a precious gift and don’t be just a father.  Be a Dad.  This world needs more Dads in this world and not men who are checked-out of their children’s lives and their spouses as well.  Don’t leave women to raise these children on their own.  Lead your home and lead your children the way you were intended to.  Step-up and be a real man and don’t abandon your children.  Just read the statistics and read the stories of difficulty for people who grew-up with single parents.  That tells you enough.  There are also plenty of stories out there of men who are home, but completely check-out because of career or other issues and the impact it has on their children.

I’m not here to provide some quick fix steps for being a better Dad.  I’ve had to learn myself along the way as we all do.  There is not an easy guide for parenting.  People try to throw these together to sell what they think works, but in reality we all have to learn along the way.  It’s not easy, but step-up and take it head-on.  You won’t regret it if you try.  Anyone can be father, but it takes a real man to be a Dad.  We need more Dad’s in this world.  Don’t check-out and don’t walk-out.