Building Strategic Partnerships

This weekend, I have been blessed with the opportunity to join my brother Rob, founder of 180 Career Coaching, along with our partner, Randell Mark, founder of Intentional Legacy, as we congregate in Nashville for the 48 Days Christmas Open House.  I am absolutely thrilled about the chance to spend this time with my brother and getting to meet people, such as Dan Miller, founder of 48 Days and co-author of “Wisdom Meets Passion.”  Getting the opportunity to meet and network with people who have found the freedom to do the work they love, gain insight from them, and potentially build future partnerships is going to be absolutely amazing.

This morning, I have been thinking about this and about the idea of strategic partnerships as an entrepreneur and business leader.  There will be much more about this posted in the near future, but Rob, Randell, and I are on the verge launching partnership in 2013 with the goal helping business leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs learn how to navigate through generational changes that are every present in the workforce today.  As a partnership, we will work together bringing our own skills and abilities to the forefront to help drive a successful team.  More to come on that, as we get closer to launch.

Forming strategy partnerships, however, are an instrumental way for businesses work together and bring wins to all involved.  One article I read noted that strategic partnerships are critical for businesses as businesses cannot do everything on their own to be successful.  For us, partnering is instrumental as it helps us use the best of our abilities with each person focused on critical peaces of the business function.  This can be relationship building, identifying customer needs, relationship building, and gaining commitment.  As a partnership, different partner can have a significant focus all working toward the common goal of driving successes.

As I mentioned, strategic partnerships also help to bring out wins for all involved as each partner can do something that helps the other partners.  For example.  I could partner with someone who may have a book their promoting, so when I conduct my seminar and web events, I can promote that book, while the partner can potentially push clients my way.  There are so many ways that this can work.   It is all about win-wins and successful partnering can bring that about.

Looking forward to what 2013 will bring!  It’s going to be exciting when we fully launch and I can announce the full scope to you all!

Talk again soon.  God Bless!

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