Surrounded by Passion and Success

I just had one amazing weekend! Having never been in an environment like this, I was blessed with an amazing opportunity. I traveled with my brother, Rob, to Franklin, TN outside Nashville, to the 48 Days Sanctuary for their 2012 Christmas Open House. At this event I was afforded an opportunity to network with many entrepreneurs who have taken the road to freedom to pursue purposeful lives and work. This whole weekend I was like a sponge. I got to listen to people talk about their many pursuits and how they have journeyed through life to be free. The energy and passion in everyone here was absolutely awe inspiring. I have never been in a setting where people were just all about their own dreams. There was an absolutely genuine sense of happiness among everyone. You do not see that very often.

Throughout this weekend, I grew immensely as a building leader and entrepreneur  It built a stronger feeling that the decision to go down this road was the right decision. It may not always be easy, but I know God is pointing me to work that is my purpose, will be meaningful, and that I will love. God has laid out a path for each one of us and the choices in our lives are built around finding that path and living it out. The people you surround yourself with in life bring further influence into how you move  toward God’s path. This weekend was a breading ground of success and just these few hours helped to build more confidence in myself that I can do this and so can anyone else who feels they may be stuck in that career that is not right for them and that is stifling their lives.

While at the 48 Days Sanctuary  I took times to step away and walk around the property to process and think about the experience and what it means for me. I took in the wonderful scenery and just contemplated it all. What a beautiful place Dan and Joanne Miller have, by the way. After this weekend, I have made a definitive decision in who I will surround myself with into the future to help drive my own aspirations. People like those the 48 Days Family are who I need to be around. When you surround yourself with people that drive your energy, you will be energized yourself. The energy here was amazing.

In your own life, be aware of those you surround yourself with. If you are around people that sulk in their work and our miserable in what they do, chances are that you will fall down that same path. If you have dreams and passions you want to pursue, surround yourself with those that help you bring out those passions, that will drive you to successes in your passions and give you fulfillment in life. It is part of a key that will unleash your full God given potential.

48 Days Eagle

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