The Power of Can

All to often we get bogged down in life and unwilling to step forward to pursue our dreams and passions.  We get caught up in a world that tells us we need to live “responsibly” and pursue security in our careers to provide for our families.  As a husband and father, I have been in that realm for the last 15 years.  I have pursued jobs that provided paychecks and benefits that provided a semblance of security for my wife and kids.  Amber and I were one of those couples that married very early, at 18, and had children early.  We struggled with getting by many times over.  People discounted our chances to make for being so young, and we have grown stronger and stronger as the years rolled.  I’ll approach that topic more at a later date.

Going back to dreams and passions, I want talk about something that I think has influenced many of our lives.  That is the idea of can and can’t.  Those two words can have a significant factor in how you choose to drive forward through life. Whether you settle with mediocrity or complacency or whether you decide to unleash you full potential in life.  Many times we will see the negative influences from those that tell you that you can’t pursue this passion or that dream because its not practical.  It’s not normal to step away and do work that has purpose and meaning and that you love if it is not that typical career avenue that provides that steady pay and benefits.  You have to be responsible and can’t rock the boat by stepping into an unknown avenue.  Dreams are great, but don’t pay the bills.  I have been down that road and encouraged to continue down my career path.  I have even told myself that I can’t venture out because I needed to be able to provide for my family.  I looked at this option 7 years ago, but bailed from fear of the unknown.

Now, there is that word that, CAN.  That is to be able to, or have the ability or power to do.  This word is a very powerful force in life.  It is a word that can help build the motivation to unleash yourself.  When I started my doctoral journal, I told myself that I CAN, and I am within a year of meeting that goal.  In recent months, I told myself that I CAN venture out to find my passions and pursue work that has purpose and meaning to me and that I would love.  As a result, GEN Revolution was born and is only just beginning.  My partnership with GEN180 born and will takeoff in the coming months as well.  In addition, I am pursuing a dream that I have had for years to publish my first book.  I am going to be working on not only one, but two books with more to come later.  This is where my life passions and dreams lie and that is where I will drive toward.  I CAN and I will do it.

The word CAN can make a difference in all our lives.  If you have dreams you want to pursue, you CAN go after.  If you believe in those passions, step away from your comforts and do it.  You may be worried about being able to provide.  I know from others experiences and knowing the achiever in me, that I CAN pursue my passions in way that is fulfilling and probably will be more profitable than if I continued down the same path.  Tell yourself that you CAN and you will make.  Pray about it.  Talk to God and ask him to show you the way.  He will reveal that path that He meant for you and knows that you CAN make it down.  Don’t let the negative and fear of the unknown keep you from those dreams.  That’s the adversary trying to keep you miserable and unhappy.  Tell yourself that you CAN and you will take huge step toward unleashing your full potential coming alive and free.


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