All Things Are Possible With God!!!

Every morning I get up and spend at least a good half hour or so in God’s Word.  I started this habit over a year and half ago and it has been a powerful part of my daily life.  For years I was partially engaged and learned the popular versus out there, but never fully dove into the Word and studied it.  I set my reading each day using a set of reading plans that help to guide me through the Word and better absorb what I am reading so as to not just wander all over each day.  Something struck me today as I was reading and it really showed me how God was at work as I spend time in his Word each day.  I always follow each days reading accordingly and think about and pray about it.  What really hit me today is just how relevant each days reading seemed to be to this very moment in my life and how each encounter I have with His Word or in thinking about God in someway brings to light something new that is so relevant to my daily life.  It could be situations with family, with my work, or any other aspect of life.  It’s quite amazing to see Him this way as each day He gives me something to read that has so much relevance to goings on today.  He may provide answers to questions or He may give me guidance in how to handle particular situations.  This may come as not surprise to some of you, but it was funny how it just hit me that way today.  God reveals Himself through the Word in ways that are always meaningful to us if we take the time to really stop and think about what it is He is showing us.

I came home from the office today and when I walked in, my kids were watching a great movie, “Facing the Giants.”  If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it.  As a part of my daily reading a prayer, I typically will pray for my wife and children and pray that my children will live a life in which they seek God each day.  I was very intent about that prayer these last few days.  My kids are always asking questions about the Bible and take an interest in so many aspects of it.  Again, it may seem so minor, but seeing them so intently engaged in a movie like this that ministers to the heart the way it does, is awesome.  It felt like my prayers for their hearts to seek God were working.  They don’t watch this movie just because it is good.  They are engaged in the message that no matter what faces us in life, all things are possible with God just as Jesus said in Matthew 19:26 and again in Mark 10:27.

It is so awesome the work that the Lord does in our lives.  Everything we encounter in life is because He allowed it to happen.  God can open or close any door He wants to in your life.  Spending time each day intentionally reading and meditating on His Word will help you to see those doors that are opened and close.  God has revealed so much to me each day I spend in the Word.  I am thankful for all that He has shown me each day I spend with Him in reading and prayer.  If you don’t have this as a part of your daily routine, think about making it so.  In there you will find so much relevance to your life.  You may burning questions about any part of life be it in your own faith, the relationships with your family and friends, your work, or your purpose in life.  I promise you, He will reveal Himself in the Word.  Take time each day to read and pray on what He is showing you.  You will find so much clarity in your life and will help you learn to live your life for Him and to glorify Him.  You do that, then all things are possible through God.

2 thoughts on “All Things Are Possible With God!!!

  1. Rob Clinton

    You are right on brother! When I read the bible, God seems to be speaking to me right now and my current circumstances. It always blows me away! I’ve heard this from other’s who’ve experienced this as well… I think the more we are open to that the more we’ll see it. Awesome post, and a great reminder to pray for God’s love to strengthen in the hearts of our loved ones.


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