Don’t Wait…Just Do!

A significant challenge that many of us face in life is deciding which avenues to pursue.  Trying to find go after that one thing in life that speaks to our hearts and lights a fire inside.  When we do find that something, we are often pulled back by fear or uncertainty of the unknown, especially when it is something that is far different from the usual path of life.  I have been at that cross roads.  It can be a scary place if you let it be.  So what are the fears that hold people back?  It could be fear of not making money, fear of what others would say, or even fear of being successful.  For whatever the reason is, it can be easy to avoid this road of the unknown and stay in a place that feels “safe” and does not really rock the boat of life.  I have learned though, that doing this is one of the sure fire ways to keep you from coming alive.  You may say, but I work hard at what I do and have made a good living at it.  My only question to you then is, do you love what you do and does it have meaning and purpose to you.  If you say yes, then good for you.   If you say no, however, then there is something missing, but only you can figure out what that is.

My quote of the day on my Facebook page is by Howard Thurman, which says, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” This quote spoke very loudly to me today and it should to so many of us.  What the world needs for more people to come alive.  You cannot come alive if you wallow in misery doing something that you hate doing.  Loving the work you do is so instrumental to being alive.  I have met many people who beam with joy at their jobs because they do something that has meaning to them and that is what they wanted to do.

Earl Nightingale defined success as being “The progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”  To be a success you have to set your mind at something that you want to accomplish and then take the steps to realize that goal.  If you begin to move toward that goal you are already successful and the benefits of that will show itself over time.  Nothing happens overnight, so you cannot expect that, but if you take real steps toward a particular goal, it can and will happen.

Once you find that particular goal you want to shoot for, be it your dream job at a particular company, the journey to start your own business, or anything for that matter, you have to push aside any fear that stands in your way of that goal.  Any goal toward doing what it that you love to do and gives you fire and passion in your life is worth going after.  Avoid the naysayer and go forward.  As John Maxwell says, make  the changes in your life that are necessary to create an environment for growth.  That dream will not fall in your lap by any means if you stand by hoping things will change.  You have have to make those changes in your life to allow those goals to come to life and to realize what is a worth ideal.


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