Faith is So Simple

Do you ever think of faith in God in terms of complexity?  Have you ever felt that having faith and worshiping Him is too complicated and involves too much?  Sometimes it does appear that way.  All too often there are churches that try to over complicate matters of faith with man made ideas and dogmas.  They drive believers to jump through so many hoops that it starts to clutter the real purpose of faith and what it means to be faithful to God.  Truth be told, it’s not that complicated.  What does faith mean to you?  Do you find yourself trying to do a lot to follow someone else’s rules for worship and devotion?

Look back in scripture and think long and hard about moments of faith that shown throughout history and displayed for us in the Word.  Start with Noah.  He was instructed to build an Ark because God planned to destroy a world that had become so evil.  Noah trusted God and did so.  Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his son Isaac to test his faith.  As much as he did not want to, he trusted God and took him to be sacrificed only for God to stop him right when he raised his blade.  Moses was told to free the Israelites from Egypt and trusted in God’s power to guide him through the task.  David trusted God to help him defeat Goliath.  Then, above all, Jesus showed tremendous faith in God and His mission throughout his life and surrendered His own life so that we might be saved only to be raised again and conquer the grave.

Do you see the idea and simplicity behind it all?  Faith is complete and full trust and devotion in God.  To seek Him in all we do and and seek to glorify Him in our lives.  It’s that simple folks.  Full and complete surrender.  2 Timothy 2 tells us that we should pray.  Pray for everyone and ask for God’s intercession on their behalf.  Give thanks for everyone.  God wants us all to be saved which is why He sent his son to purchase our freedom.

I was thinking about this this morning when reading scripture and it talked about about the Israelites continuous complaining to Moses about being led out of Egypt.  If they would have simply surrendered and trusted where God was leading them, it would have been a different journey.  God would probably not have made it a 40 year journey to ensure that the older generations died before reaching their promised land.

It took me a while to realize this all.  Through my life I’ve been to numerous churches from different denominations.  Each having different rules of worship, different dogmas, and more.  When sitting in church a couple of weeks back.  My pastor talked about just how simple it was to be faithful and pray.  We don’t have to over-complicate folks.  Walk with God each day.  Build your personal relationship with Him.  Accept Christ as your savior.  Show faithfulness each day in your life and glorify God in all you do.  Faith is so simple.

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