Be Bold and Don’t Sit Back

Throughout life it can be very easy to get complacent.  To find yourself in a life routine that you just accept and move forward with no matter what.  Many people find themselves that way especially in their careers or the way they live wondering if there is any real meaning and purpose.  We may even question God and wonder why our lives seem to just trudge along without much meaning and/or fulfillment.  I’ve got news for everyone, God did not create us to just sit back in complacency.  He did not create us to just accept the status-quo and trudge through life in miserable complacency.  He called us to be bold.  He called us to not be complacent.  He called us to pursue Him and to bring others to Him through our works by doing works He purposed for us.

Each of us have a God given purpose in life.  Through it all it is to glorify God in all we do.  You can do this in so many ways and so many career paths.  I tell you this though.  If you are in an area that does not provide any fulfillment and does not make you come alive, then you are not where you need to and not where God wants you to be. You cannot glorify Him in pointless misery and complacency.  Pray and walk with Him and He will lead you where you need to be.  I promise you.

Speaking of purpose, get ready.  I’m bringing something different and awesome to 4 Pillars over the next few weeks.  It’s going to be new video-casts or video-blogs, however you want to call it.  You will start to see me online as I begin to speak out what I write out each month.  I’m very excited about where God is leading me with.  This is my next step in being bold and leaving complacency in the dust.  Through this channel, I pray that I will be able to reach many more people in a whole new way.  I will continue to write on a regular basis, but I am now going to expand on it.  I’m nervous in a way being the introvert that I am, but like many introverts, when I speak, it is usually something pretty profound.  I will be speaking on various topics related to the 4 Pillars (Finding Your Calling, Relationships with God, Relationships with Others, and Spiritual Battles).  I will continue sharing my own testimony of what God’s done in my life. He’s brought through very difficult times and was also there for me even when I had strayed away.  I look forward to sharing so much with all of you.  It’s going to be fun and different and I hope you’ll join me.  Each new video will be posted here to this sight as well.

We have to be bold folks.  I am going to be bold.  I proclaim my faith in Jesus Christ who is THE Answer.  I seek to glorify Him in my works and this is where He continues to call me.  Be Contagious in your faith through your boldness and don’t sit back waiting.  You’re called to do and be more.  I hope you’ll join me as I move to grow this calling in my life and help others to seek God and His purpose for their life.  It’s going to be an adventure like no other I’ve been on.

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