Undeserving and Yet, Still Loved

Have you ever had feelings where you questions if God truly loved you or us has human beings for that matter?  Maybe you’ve been through some very difficult times in your life or are going through that right now and it becomes difficult to feel His love.  Maybe you’ve been living a life filled with sinful patterns that are completely separated from God and in those times you reject Him by your actions.  Often times, we also put God’s love in the box of a verb and humanize the kind of love he has for us.

Do you know that no matter where you have gone in life and what you have done, God loves you.  In my Scripture reading this morning, it covered the time of Saul’s death.  Saul’s kingdom was taken from him by God when he did not follows the Lord’s commands.  David was then anointed to become the next king.  Saul was tormented constantly from that time.  It would almost seem that God hated Saul by sending the tormenting spirit.  Some may conclude that.  However, this is not God’s way, which as Isaiah said are not our ways.  In Ezekiel 33:11, God says that, “I take no pleasure in the death of wicked people.  I only want them to turn from their wicked ways so they can live.”

What God wants from all of us is to turn from our wickedness.  We are all filled with it.  Every single one of us ever since the Fall.  God is determined though.  He loves us so greatly that He will go through whatever lengths and go wherever needed in order to bring us back.  None of us are deserving of the love that God has for us.  He created us though so that we can glorify Him, and continue pursuing what He’s called us for.  Christ came and went ahead of us to prepare a seat at the wedding feast.  Christ showed us what it meant to fully live for God.  He went through so much torment and temptation himself during His time here, but he eagerly continued where God wanted Him.  So now we have a way to life through Christ.

We in no way deserved that, but God’s love is something different.  Actually, God is Love.  Beth Moore stated, “Love is not only something God does; love is something God is. God would have to stop being in order to stop loving. Again, our temptation is to humanize God, because we are limited to understanding love as a verb. With God, love is first a noun. It’s what and who He is.”  

With that, understand that no matter where you are in life, what you’ve been through, or even how you’ve sinned and lived, God loves you.  God will always pursue you.  What He wants is for us to turn from our sinful and flesh patterns, repent, and turn to Him.  Often times it takes some dire circumstances to bring us back.  It took the sudden loss of my Dad and being lost in that whirlwind to finally shake me and bring me back.  It could be any other of a number of circumstances for others.  Still for some, it simply takes knowing that no matter what, they are always loved.  God created each of us for a purpose and Loves us all the same.  Rejecting His love how we get fully separated from Him.

Like is said in a video I saw on YouTube.  The church is a hospital for the broken.  Often times to be truly saved and returned to God requires a time of being completely broken and lost where we finally cry out to God.  God does not want us to suffer, but He wants to us to turn to Him and learn to love Him and know that through all we’ve been through, all we’ve done, and no matter how much we don’t deserve it, He always loves us.

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