God Risked It All To Rescue Us

In the past week, I finished reading a great book called “The Sacred Romance” written by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge  If you have not picked this book up just yet, I would recommend that you do so.  This book gave a great look at God’s love for us and how He has been pursuing us since the Fall and looks at the worldly temptations and addictions of Satan and how they can keep us from drawing closer to Him. Part of our journey here on earth is to draw us closer to God and to God’s heart.  God knows each one of us very intimately and wants us to know Him as well.  His desire is for us to be drawn close to His heart and to restore his Beloved, that being us to His glory and what we were created for.

As each of us know, we live in a Fallen creation.  God created man in His image gave him dominion over the earth.  The earth was entrusted to man.  As is stated in the book, we were to be God’s regents, entrusted to reign with his authority over the earth.  With the Fall of man, however the earth became corrupted.  It became the domain of the adversary.  Since then, Satan and his demons have worked to fully separate us from God through temptations and sins in this world.

I’ve written a couple times this week about God’s love for us and how through Christ we are free to love as well.  One part of this book really speaks volumes about God’s love for all us.  We all know full well about God coming of flesh through Jesus to save us from our sins and give us a way to eternal life.  Do you realize just how much of a risk this way?  God created us for intimacy with Him, but our Fall created a cosmic crisis.  He then launched what is described as “the greatest campaign in the history of the world to get us back.”  Even when we turned from Him, we are promised that He would still come for us.

He sent messengers and used beauty and affliction to recapture us.  When all of this still did not work to bring us back, He conceived the most daring plan in this battle to win us back from this world and the adversary.  The book states, “Under cover of night he stole into the enemy’s camp incognito, the Ancient of Days disguised as a newborn, in Jesus Christ. The Incarnation, was a daring raid into enemy territory.”  Satan had the world under his power and God risked it all to rescue us from his grip.  God did all of this for a simple reason, to win our hearts back.  To win back every part of us, which is His creation to begin with.  After mankind fell in Eden, God was going to do to whatever lengths to get us back.

Even now, since Christ’s first coming, God is still pursuing us.  He is still after our hearts.  Isaiah 29:13 says, “Their hearts are far from me.”  Many of us still are separated from God’s heart, but because God loves us so much, He came through Jesus Christ to rescue us and overcome this world.  It’s really something awesome to think about.  To God, we are worth pursuing.  We came from Him and He will do whatever is needed to bring us back to Him.

Think about that for a minute.  How cool is it to know that no matter what we have been through, we have a God that loves us so greatly, beyond anything we can comprehend, that He has and will go wherever is needed to win us back.  I take great joy in knowing that my God loves me that much.  In the Gospel of John, John refers to himself as the disciple Jesus loved.  He was not being arrogant.  He was filled with so much joy and delight in having known Jesus personally and knew that Jesus loved him.  Each and everyone of us is loved just as much.  What a great feeling it is to know that love.  I’ve been on a long journey as we all have.  Our lives are filled with so much good and also evil.  This world will do whatever it can to draw you away from God.  We see it all the time.  Know, however that God has been and is willing to go to battle for us, always to win us back.  We are His Beloved.

2 thoughts on “God Risked It All To Rescue Us

  1. Susan Irene Fox

    This is a beautiful post reminding us that we are His beloved sons and daughters, adopted into His family because of His great love, grace and mercy. So glad to have met you in this space of the Spirit.


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