Perfection Is Not The Key

Have you ever faced times were you just filled with guilt over situations in your life where you have fallen to sin?  Have you ever been so caught up in trying to be perfect in your life that it keeps you from being you?  This relates to not just in faith, but in how we interact with people.  Many times people are so worried about the perception they give others when they are in social situations that they put on a “poser” persona and don’t act as themselves.  In faith, often times people are so afraid to sin that it eats at them trying to be perfect and then when they do fall, they get so riddled with guilt.

There is one thing in life that we need to always remember.  We are all sinners.  We live in a fallen world and sin is now a part of our human nature.  None of us are ever perfect.  I’m surely not.  I fight my own battles in life where sin and Satan infiltrate.  It’s a part of our world and something we all have to battle.  I don’t care who you are where you came from in life, it is a part of us.  Perfections is not in the cards in this world.  As you all know, Jesus was the only one to ever be perfect.  He came and showed us the example of what it is God intended man to be.  To always seek God and glorify Him in all we do.

When we all understand that perfection is not the key for each one of us, then we can focus on what is.  That, quite simply, is Jesus!  Jesus is the key, not perfection.  One we realize that, then we can spend our lives drawing closer to Him each day knowing that by God’s grace and love when we do fall to sin in our lives, we are forgiven because of Jesus.  Jesus is the answer.  An excerpt from the book “Becoming Myself” says, “We won’t be perfect on this side of heaven. But Jesus is perfect. Always.  We are becoming more holy and true. Jesus already is.  His name isn’t “Becoming.” It is “I AM.”

Jesus is the answer to it all.  When we surrender and accept in our lives as our Lord and Savior, we can then turn away from sin.  Jesus already to the judgement and punishment for our sin.  We can nail that sin in our lives to the feet of the cross and let Jesus take it from us.  Still going forward, while we strive to not sin, we need to understand that we are still not going to be perfect.  We will all jack it up at some point and many times.  Thanks to God’s love however, we don’t have to bound to that sin any longer.  We have Jesus.  He is the only answer we need and the real key to everything.

This is such a vital area of life for all of us and unfortunately, so many don’t understand or know this.  Seek Jesus.  That is your answer.  He was God’s answer to the sin and corruption of this world and He is the answer to conquering our sin and our salvation.  Seek Jesus through God’s Word.  Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your life.  An posting from Joseph Prince today said, “No Word and all Spirit? You’ll blow up. All Word and no Spirit? You’ll dry up. But have the Word and the Spirit? That’s how you grow up!”  Fill yourself with God’s Word and the Holy Spirit daily.  Draw closer to Him and know that Jesus is the key.  Don’t live a life of perpetual guilt trying to be perfect.  Seek Jesus, Always!

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