Not For Our Glory But For His

What does it mean to you to Glorify God?  These words get mentioned often, and for some folks, I am sure it brings some question as to what this really means.  I know when I first heard it, I was unsure what it really meant.  It took time of reading and prayer to really begin to understand this.  We are all created for God’s purpose.  He created each and every one of us in our own unique way in His image.  Through our creation we each make up a unique part of the Body of Christ and bring something special to the kingdom.  What this tells me is that we each have a unique gift and calling to bring, and it all for the purpose of bringing glory to God.  That is our purpose.

God is the source of all.  He is the creator of all things and has been here since before the beginning.  Everything we have in this world and in our lives, all the blessings we have received and the gifts we have all come from Him.  If you read through Scripture, we are reminded of this over and over.  King David was very humbled in the fact that all his victories and delivery from his enemies were from God, not himself.  Psalm 115:1 says, “Not to us, O Lord, not us, but to your name goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness.”  It is because of His love for us that we exist.  It is because of His love and faithfulness that He sent His son to die for us and be poured out for our sins and taking the punishment and judgement that each of us deserve.

Each and every one of us have a unique gift to bring.  How we use that gift is of very significant importance.  There are many in this world that use their talents and gifts and look to only glorify themselves in their successes.  I’ve heard many to continually boast in their own pride and success and never once give the glory and praise to God for all He has provided.  We have to understand the importance of praising God and glorifying Him through humble faith and thankfulness for what He has provided.  He is the one that deserves all the praise and glory, always.

Have you ever watch the movie “Facing the Giants” developed by Sherwood Pictures?  If you have not, check it out.  It is great movie that my family have watched many times.  There is a high school football coach and team that have had some serious struggles.  They are coming to a new year and the coach is facing the threat of losing his job if the team does not turn things around.  This coach has a change of heart.  After a talk with a gentleman who has prayed for revival over the school many times, the coach begins to take on a new philosophy.  This is not about winning, but about glorifying God and playing for him.  He tells the team, “If we win, we praise Him, and if we lose, we praise Him.”  This new philosophy transformed the team, the coach, the school, and the community.

Glorify and praise God.  It sounds so simple doesn’t it.  I mention this movie because it is great example of how completely focusing on God and giving Him the glory and letting Him do the work can transform you and those around you.  Use the gifts God gave you.  He wants all of us to do the best we can with what He’s bless us with.  Do it not for your own glory.  Do so for His.  It all comes from Him anyway.  We have One God and One God alone.  All praise, honor, and glory to Him forever!

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