Amazing Week and Amazing People

These last few days have been more than I could have ever hoped for.  As I wrote last week, this past Sunday, I made the decision to be Baptized declaring my faith in Jesus Christ to the world.  The man that Baptized me is someone I have grown to have great respect and love for as a friend and brother in the Christ as well as a pastor and mentor.  Truly blessed and honored that having this guy, who has been a big part of my journey, to do this for me.  Many have differing view of what Baptism is.  This is not where my salvation lies, but rather the way to show the world that I died with Christ to my sins and have now been raised to a new life in Christ.

What was one of the most amazing parts of the day was the genuine love that was poured out from people.  Not just from my family, Amber and the kids, but from having my mom come out, a brother from the Wild at Heart Boot Camp, and then so many that are a part of my church family including brothers that have joined in my faith walk.  I’m a real subtle  and laid back kind of guy, but through this whole thing as I sat in that water, there was a smile on my face, that I could not get rid of.  My pastor shared some of my story and then hearing the cheers of those in the congregation, was so awesome.

That night, we had the chance to celebrate more as Mac Powell from Third Day came out for a night of worship, joining our awesome worship team.  What a great way to cap off an amazing day and one I will never forget.  I feel like God has just opened up so much in my life.

Being around everyone through this celebration; I’m reminded of the importance of fellowship and having people in your life to walk in the faith with.  There is true discipleship of walking with God and being guided by the Holy Spirit.  There is also genuine discipleship and fellowship in doing life with others in the faith.  I’ve had some awesome encounters with brothers this week and I can only pray to grow more, spiritually from these moments.  It’s so important to have real and authentic connections with people throughout our life and I’m blessed God has brought these men in to my life.

I have not written much this week as I’ve been just basking in all that has happened and what is to come.  It doesn’t stop here.   The growth will continue.  Here are a few pictures from Sunday…

Baptism1 Baptism2 MacNic

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