Be Still…Clear The Mind

Writing on this blog is something I thoroughly enjoy doing, it feels like a gift that God has blessed me with as He blessed each of us in our own unique way.  I began this blog nearly 3 years ago.  In the first 2 years, I had about 90 posts over that time.  This year alone, God’s Holy Spirit has filled me tremendously and this will be my 81st post since January.  It’s amazing how much God has worked in my life this year alone, especially in my writing.

I sometimes, however will find myself getting so frustrated with myself when I hit the dreaded writers block.  When it seems the ideas just stop and it’s hard where to continue.  If feel like I need to write something, I need to put something out there and yet, I can’t figure out where to go.  I get that sometimes in school papers, which is frustrating, but sometimes it carries to this site and what I am able to write about.  I get those days where things just seem to be flowing and inspired, yet others where nothing seems to flow.

I was sitting with a brother the other day just talking about life, faith, and discipleship.  We both had similar experiences in being able to get away from the norms of life and escape to the wilderness to unplug and spend time with God and with God alone.  I’ve shared my Wild at Heart experiences on numerous occasions since January, but I was reminded of something very important in that conversation.  Sometimes we just need to be still and let our mind clear.  First, the power of this is huge in the rest it can provide, true Sabbath, but also, when we can get to a place in our minds and hearts where we are still, we can begin to hear God through the Holy Spirit and in these moments we can often receive our greatest inspirations.

The trouble today is that we are so busy, every single day, that doing this is hard to do.  We are filled and bombarded with clutter everyday as we live in a world that no longer even honors the Sabbath in anyway truly, and is constantly trying to fill our time up with more tasks, more to dos.  We get too busy.  We try to multi-task, we try to fill our days, thinking if I am busier and busier I am doing the right thing.  But doing so and never taking a time to rest and clear your mind and reset, can kill your soul.

This goes back to my writing.  I found when we hit the summer months, the inspiration was hard to come by.  This is usually are busiest time of year as a family, and constantly being on the go filled my mind with more clutter and it was often difficult to just stop and rest.  This made writing often times challenging, when the inspiration was hard to come by.

This is important for all of us. Rest, renewal, and restoration.  Look at the life of Jesus.  How often did He retreat away from the crowds and His disciples into the wilderness to sit in prayer.  It was necessary for Him and you can bet it is necessary for us.  It’s a vital part of our existence.  God created the Sabbath for us for a reason.  We need that rest.

I challenge you to look at your life and find where you are just cluttered with life.  If you feel bogged down with busyness and the troubles of life, find time to stop.  Even if you get up early in the morning before the day begins.  Before getting on email or social media.  Before turning on the TV.  Before waking up the family.  Take that time to sit in prayer and even in Scripture and writing in a journal.  The power in starting this way is so huge.  Before the chaos of the day begins, set our heart and mind on God alone.  Let your mind clear.  There’s great power in this…trust me.

1 thought on “Be Still…Clear The Mind

  1. kayakyrstin

    I think you’re right, we do add too much to our plates and things get cluttered but I do find rest in certain activities (like writing and visiting with friends) that I try to schedule those for the weekend, along with church, to rest and rejuvenate. I do have random times of prayer and reading the bible too, throughout the week, but I need to remember to schedule that too, since it’s so important.


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