Inviting His Presence

Well today is the day.  Truck is all loaded up and I am now on the road heading for the mountains of Colorado. I’ve been anticipating this journey for the last several months.  I don’t know what all will be waiting while I am there and what all the Father will have prepared me for.  Over the past month, we were given a series of things to do as we get ready for this time in the mountains.  Some included listening to various teachings, re-reading Wild at Heart, and spending time in deep prayer asking the Fathers hand and presence in preparation for this event.

There was one thing that was asked of us that seemed very out of the ordinary and just different.  We were asked to plant a tree.  For some this may not be a big deal, but I don’t have the greenest of thumbs and it’s just not something that on my radar too often.  We were asked that however we do it was up to us, but to invite the Father into it.  Invite his presence.

I love my time with the Father each day.  Getting to walk with Him and bring His presence over my life.  For some reason, bringing Him into the activity of planting of tree was very challenging.  I was too preoccupied with why and what kind of tree and where to put it.  Feeling His presence in this particular thing was tough.  As I wrote last week, my oldest son graduated high school.  It’s been a special time for our family celebrating his accomplishments and his coming journey to college.  With all of that, the day for this trip was looming.  I had not planted a tree and didn’t know where to begin.  20160523_185637.jpg

The other day I finally released all of my presumptions about this one activity.  I walked around thinking about my son’s graduation and the future.  Then I hear, “plant a tree for Shawn.”  It was so profound to hear that.  I started seeing images of the roots of a tree growing deep just as the roots of my faith has grown deep which has branched to my family as their faith grows deep.  So that’s what I did.

I found a tree, a red maple to be exact, with Amber’s help, found a great place for it and yesterday planted that tree.  This young red maple now stands for as a symbol of my son, Shawn and the hope that his roots in his faith will grow deeper and deeper as he journeys into manhood.  This is now something I will do for each of my kids as they move to the next step in their journey in life.

I now make my way to Colorado fully ready for all the Father is going to have for me.  I don’t know what it will all be, but I look forward to being unplugged and locked into His presence.  It all starts with letting go and inviting His presence.  You’ll be amazed at what He will reveal when you are in a position to receive.


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