Castaways In Need Of Ropes

You ever feel like you’re floating away?  Like your life has become so overwhelming and busy that you just cannot find a way back and life begins to drift. I look at the demands that we have our lives day in and day out and this is the story for so many of us.  This is most particularly true in our walk with God.  We seem to get so busy with life that we just cannot find the time to be still and walk with the Father.  I was listening to this song by Josh Garrels called Farther Along.  A very good song if you’ve never heard it, but one line says that we’re all castaways in need of rope.  I thought, how true that is.  We are all castaways drifting through the rough seas of this life with busyness as the wind and the storms and waves of the enemy and our false-selves.

I’ve felt like this on many occasions juggling the demands of life, fighting off the attacks on my heart and soul, and trying to stay locked into the Father.  I’ve had times when I felt that I was definitely drifting farther and farther away because I didn’t think there was enough time to engage with the Father and my connection with Him just seemed to strain, thinking I may find time later.  I read a Dallas Willard quote about time that really got me thinking, though.  He said, “Time is made, not found.”  This helped me to realize that if I spent every day just waiting to find time with the Father, I never would.  I had to make the time.rope-911994_960_720

Without that needed time, whether it’s daily time with the Father or period of prolonged connection with Him, unplugged from life, we continue to drift further out to sea.  I’m a firm believer in starting my day locked into prayer and quiet each day as well as times where we get away, to myself without distractions to just be there in His presence.  That’s the rope that I’ve found that I needed and the rope that we all need.  He is there is pull us back with this needed lifeline, but we have to be willing to make the time for Him as well.

Spiritual disciplines are essential to our daily life with the Father.  That is our rope.  Dallas Willard explained that Spiritual Disciplines are “activities within our power that enable us to accomplish what we cannot do by direct effort because we meet with the actions of God (grace) with us. The effect of discipline is to enable us to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done (e.g., we develop a heart-engaging habit.) There is no complete list of disciplines for the spiritual life but there are some main ones to learn.

We need disciplines or practices of engagement through study, worship, fellowship and others as well as disciplines or practices of abstinence through solitude, silence, fasting, sacrifice and others.  Not doing so out of a feeling of religious or legalistic obligation, but doing so for the joy of being in the Father’s presence each day, practicing the disciplines that Jesus modeled for each of us.  One more thing that I was reminded of in Colorado a few weeks back was the discipline or practice of my weird.  What is it that we do that we love and is uniquely us that brings us joy, which the Father also delights in when we are joyful.

Don’t spend your life drifting further and further out to sea caught in the currents of busyness and the storms of attacks on your heart and soul.  That rope just gets longer and longer the further we drift, but no matter how far you’ve drifted out, this is the key.  The rope is always out there for you to grab a hold of.  The Father is always seeking to bring you back.  Through the works of Christ, through his shed blood, his resurrection, and his ascension to the Father’s right hand, that rope is always there for us and will go with us.  There is freedom to be found and hope in Jesus.

Think of the effect this has on those around you when you begin to care for your own soul pulling on that rope that’s given.  I’ve seen it my own eyes through my own family and people close to us.  When you find your away, others realize they no longer have to live as castaways either and will long for a life with the Father.  Don’t keep drifting.  Care for your soul with God as your foundation, then you can be even more effective in all areas of life.  Parker Palmer stated, “Self-care is not a selfish act – it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”

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