Why Christian Counseling?

So, as of last week, I am now through my first full month back in school.  Talk about a big adjustment to being back in school full time as I pursue a Masters in Professional Counseling.  It’s a big life change, but certainly one I cannot ignore.  I am thankful to have a family that fully supports my pursuits.  It’s a complete gear change.  I have been pursuing that corporate ladder for the last 15+ years and to completely shift gears has been a little nerve wracking but I can certainly say that just after this first month of study I feel more confident in this direction.  I refuse to ignore God’s calling any longer.

With that said, the question comes to mind of why Christian counseling?  It’s interesting to get the reactions of folks who don’t really know the journey God has me on.  You can tell that they think it’s a little odd.  To just go from where I have been, comfortable and with a growing career to completely change gears and direction.  First and foremost, I believe firmly that we are all broken.  This is fact and everyone of us, due to our fallen nature, is broken and has a story of struggle and brokenness and sin in our lives.  We can’t hide from it.  With that said, we have Good News in that Jesus Christ came to heal our brokenness and set us free.  This is the heart of His mission, not only to bring forgiveness us sins, but to truly set us free to find the life that God intended for us to have with our hearts new and focused on Him.

With that said, this year, I came to real terms with my own brokenness on a scale larger than I could have ever imagined.  When I opened to the door of my heart, Jesus came right on in and began a work on my heart that has been absolutely amazing.  Now, I have to continue inviting Him in each day to continue this healing as it can become so easy to fall back if we are not careful.

When this journey began, God put it on my heart, who He sees me as.  He brought me to connect with people.  To not live a life of a lone ranger, but to get in the midst of people and on the front lines.  He put it on my heart that there are many more that need to be able to find the healing of Jesus Christ.  It’s right there for everyone, but so many continue to struggle and just don’t know how to find their way to let Christ in, to let Him counsel them, and the Him heal their hearts.  This is why I am joining the growing masses of Christian counselors.  It’s not about trying to do something for my own self-gratification, but rather to bring glory to the Lord and help lead others to find the healing that Christ offers.

Trust me, I certainly did not have to do this.  I could have been content in my career, but when God calls, you have to go.  He called and I told Him I would go.  At this point, it’s about learning skills and methods that I know will be needed to counsel others from a Biblical point of view and to develop methods for incorporating the 4 Streams of Christ into counseling others to help people find the healing and life that Christ offers.

It’s going to be a challenging journey to be sure.  I don’t expect to come out of this making riches.  It’s not about that. I have a real heart to help people through counseling and ministry.  I full trust in God in where He is guiding me on this journey.  He is filling my round table with solid men to help guide and mentor me on this journey, some that have gone through similar journeys of their own to follow God’s calling.  The journey is just beginning and I will continue sharing as I progress.  I look forward to the day of getting in the trenches to help people through real soul care.  Stay tuned as God continues His work in my life.

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